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What should Rebel and I do for our next party?

You should host a Drop Party 3 vote(s) 11.5%
I would like another AMA and Drawing 3 vote(s) 11.5%
Maybe a Grabfest would be cool. 3 vote(s) 11.5%
Chest Hunts are fun, you could do another one of those. 8 vote(s) 30.8%
Um... Duh... Everything... 9 vote(s) 34.6%
  1. In a week it will be my second anniversary on Empire Minecraft. I am currently not as active as I would like due to a broken computer. However, even with this obstacle, I am going to host a second anniversary event in game.

    - Grand Opening of 16161
    The Grand Opening of 16161 will consist of giving move permission to all Players and giving away 5K to a random player on the residence at the time.

    - Chest Hunt
    After the Grand Opening of 16161, I will lead everyone to teleport on the residence. I will go through the teleport and enable move permissions on the residence. You will then enter the residence and find and empty all the chests. One chest has a 25K prize book inside, however, there are also fake books so make sure to read your book before turning it in.

    I will also being doing on AMA and another 25K giveaway on this thread.

    Your Post Must Include The Following To Be Drawn for a 25K Prize:
    A Question Example: How did you hear about EMC?
    A Number Example: I will take the number 5


    Drawing: Wednesday, June 18th THURSDAY (wrong day, right numbers)
    Grand Opening and Party: Saturday, June 27th at 6pm EMC Time (The date is far from my actual 2nd year because I am unable to provide a specific time for any date before) EDIT: STARTS AT 6PM EMC TIME
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  2. Numbers:
    4 -Phelps4
    6 - SteamingFire
    7 - Drmadfate
    10 - finch_rocks_1
    12 - f_Builder_s
    14 - lottie1664
    23 - Kytula
    29 - AverageWalrus
    42 - Gage9942
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  3. Reserved for Winner
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  4. I will hopefully be assisting my friend with this event, however, he may end up needing to use my computer to host it. If I cannot be there in game I hope you all have a great time! :cool:
  5. Q:
    What item did you first buy and what player (Not Empire Shop)?

    I will take number 10,

    Thanks, :D
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  6. Q: What is your favorite type of party?

    Number: I will have Number 42 ;)
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  7. Q: What is your fav. shop on EMC?
    Number 12 please ;)
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  8. Probably /v +bulk on SMP 8, other than that Rebel and I haven't bought much recently...
    I'm a big fan of Drop Parties

    1. Jun 18, 2013
      Player shop purchased 64 Pine Log from CaesarCelestian
      - 128

  9. 33% Chance of Winning at the moment
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  10. I found EMC through while searching for a server--any server--that didn't have open pvp or MMO. This is more perfect than i'd hoped for =p
    I'll take the number 6.
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  11. Ill take 7
    Q: Who is your favorite staff member. >:)
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  12. Q: Favorite smp? Yes, you have to pick one ;)
    I'll take number 4 please
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  13. I think it would be amazing to be on the staff team, but I don't think its something I am quite ready for.
    I really like all the staff, but if I really have to choose it would probably be chickeneer (don't tell lucky or blackknight)
    Definitely SMP8, but I like all the other SMPs too.
    I believe you misread the post, but I will still add your number ;)
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  14. Also, the 18th is a Thursday, not a Wednesday. I changed the original post :)
    Odds are at about 14%
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  15. I'll take the number.... 14. No reason...
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  16. Q: When did you Make your First 100k (or have you even yet?)
    And me will Takes 29, BECAUSE WHY NOT

    This Dinosaur Gif that's why
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  17. Oh, the question example was "how did you find emc?" So i answered that instead =P
    Okay then, lemme ask a question anyway >.>
    Why do you enjoy giving out your heads for the winners of e.g. Firefloor? Must be painful to die 3 times for every event >.>
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  18. Well me and Rebel have always counted our rupees as one, but I think when I first made around 100k was when I started getting really into the promo business.
    I don't give out my head to often actually, but I do think it is cool to have a part of me all over EMC :)
    You are missing part of the response, I will still add your number though :cool:
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  19. Odds of winning are at 11%
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  20. 35, What if I told you, the chance of losing is 89%? Another question, how did you meet RebelSpartan026?