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  1. I really haven't made a proper introduction, but I think its time to make proper introduction about me.
    Just AMA on me if you don't want to read the wall of text, alright? AMA plox? Pls? Pretty please AMA on me?

    I'm Jakres, a 16 year old boy who mostly spent his childhood in a fantasy world without thinking about the future.
    I, so far from my knowing I seem to be the only known member to be a Estonian around here. Sure, DarkDashEST is also a Estonian but he still doesn't have a PC yet but he will get one soon, I hope...
    Lets move on, shall we?

    February-April 2012.
    Nothing much worth to note here but oh well.
    I found EMC by clicking one of EMC advertise on a website that I don't very much remember what was the website name.
    So I clicked, registered and logged into smp5. Smp5 was my home server for some time until somewhere June.
    So I went to a random free res and claimed it. I don't remember what was the res code but it was somewhere North-West.
    So I started to build a house, animal farm and a tower. I had obsess making towers by that time..

    Time has passed until smp7 was released, there I decided to abandoned smp5 and move to smp7 for some period.

    May 2012.
    This is where I started posting. On May 1st I posted my own first thread and first post. Here's the link:
    I must be one of those rare players who gets a reply from a moderator, I felt special about it.
    Some time has passed and bang first liker. Marknaaijer. It took like days to get one like after posting the thread.

    June 2012
    On June 4, School was over then and I joined the LLO. On June 5 I started to head to a specific location that was North-West of LLO and it was Taiga Biome. There, I founded Yeti Village (A.K.A YettiTown).
    It was a bit far from LLO, but that way I could do whatever the heck I wanted to do there. I believe I was the first one to make a village/town within a wild outpost. But the weird thing about, it never got any griefings like the LLO has gotten in the past...
    Altough I believe Jimbo Town (That came later) was the first town to have name with the word 'town".

    July 2012.

    August 2012.
    Until a griefer came in and started to burn thing in LLO. And guess what? Yeti village (YettiTown) wasn't even touched! Yeti villager residents were drinking tea while the LLO was burning!
    After the griefer has been banned and the day after that I started to fix the tree farm in LLO. From there I met mba2012. How to say this, my first friend on EMC.
    Some time has passed, I saw marknaaijer made thread him having steam. So I went ahead and put my steam name there and there we started to became friends. And yeah, first foreign friend to be on my steam friend list.

    Some more time has passed. On that time I abandoned my old res, gave everyone build perm and came back being all destroyed. Mark and Dwight5273 (I CAN'T believe I wrote your account name correctly now :D) suggested me to move smp5. Since no one else suggested where me to move, so yeah, I moved back to smp5. There I claimed my new res 10003. Near the spawn. Lucky me no?

    September 2012.
    School started, and I got my first diamond supporter (Yay).
    I claimed another res that was west of my main res. 3rd one at Utopia. And 4th one... I forgot about what was my 4th res...
    So I probably finished my new res on that time. Ah yes, I made my first giveaway, If I remember it had some of the junk from my old res.

    October 2012
    First party at Yeti Village by mba2012, I think?
    Second giveaway I think?
    Moving on.

    November 2012.
    Met Jimbonothing64, the time when Jimbo Town was founded? Or was it october? Gah! Foggy memories! And became friends too.
    (I believe this is the time I stopped building at Yeti Village, and renamed to YettiTown I think?)

    December 2012.
    Forever alone Yeti Village/YettiTown.
    Flame wars at LLO thread.
    3rd giveaway. Oh and my 300th day was on Aussie's Christmas Eve. I'm I right mba?

    January 2013.
    Mah birthday!
    This is where the Sunstreak started. Mba2012 gathered NINJATTILA, penfoldex, Jimbonothing64, zulu9 and me to start a new outpost.
    Mba2012 found the suitable location to start, but some time later Pen and mba decided to into an island. I moved to and build my own house there. But Mba decided to move all the plans right into the location where I build my house.
    And yeah, no big surprises:

    February 2013.
    Me and penfoldex started to became friends.
    1 year anniversary and I didn't do nothing about it.
    I get the feeling I reset my res and made a new one on this month. Also unclaimed my 2nd res too.
    Moving on.

    March 2013.
    Me and pen made Pirate assassin's club.
    We had a giveaway, but I see I didn't really gave the good instructions to come there, leaving only HylianNinja, me, penfoldex and Jake_bagby at the giveaway.
    I made for the first an man-made mountain that's located in the wild.

    April 2013.
    I believe I did some progress on Yeti Village/YettiTown, but then I abandoned. Leaving unfinished work.
    This is the month where the giveaway happened.
    And me and Jake became friends. I guess we could say that.
    I reset my utopia res and started to make a new project.
    But the sad thing I don't remember when I started nor what was the name before I reset it...

    May 2012.
    1st May. My first thread 1st anniversary. Due to that I made my utopia res project called "Empire Vegas". Its been 3 months now and currently still designing the hotel.
    My classmate, DarkDashEST got account and registered here. Currenntly my alt until he gets a PC.
    Oh gawd I don't even remember what else I did on May...

    June 2013.
    5th June. Yeti village/Yetti Town 1st anniversary. I made another mountain there and BANG! 2nd Mountain I have made is done.

    I did some changes to my main res. Got ICC head from one of his event. Got a on my profile from Maxarias regarding my res

    Well, I guess that's pretty much it. I kinda admit I have foggy memory. I may have missed some things that I didn't remembered but whatever.

    Well, here's a list of names I like to mention. (Not in any order)
    Mba2012, marknaaijer, penfoldex, Dwight5273, shavingfoam, Soulpunisher (*sigh*...:(), Jimbonothing64, NINJATTILA, Curundu, Jake_bagby aaaaaannnnnnnd Chascaaaaaarrrrriiiiillllloooooo!

    AMA plox pls.
    Anyway, 3-4 days left until my 500 days old. I wanted to make a giveaway but I didn't had the right stuff to make it....
    Also, good night from me. Its 1:07 AM here.
  2. Did you misspell "quite" in the poll options? :p
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  3. *claps*
    How are the birds? :p
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  4. lol the birds :p

    Anyways, happy AMA! :D
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  5. Maybe.
    safdgrtjrsthrjksrgdvdbfr D:
    They really aren't my pets though. Heck should I know if they ain't my pets who moves everytime away in Winter.
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  6. Uh…well how's the nest? :p
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  7. 2 out of 3 are all fine so far.

    I wanted hamster. Parents denied because of my mom's dog.
    I think they don't even want me to have a pet animal.
  8. 2 out of 3 nests?

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  9. What do we do to the banned players and why? :D
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  10. Smash them with the hammer 6x times because ya know, traitors.
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  11. What's your Favourite Minecraft block?
    ¿Hablas Español?
  12. None
    I rather speak English.
    U no sleep?
  13. Sleep is for the weak! Actually I cannot fall asleep :/ Kinda annoying. But anyways this is Jakres' AMA Not Attila's :p
  14. Pen! Pen! Come here pen! Help Attila to asleep!
    Count sheep's maybe?
    Või mõtle välja vastust miks ma räägin Eesti keeles praegu?
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  15. I'll try. I usually count Pokemon.
  16. Erm.
    Shut your eyes until you fall asleep?
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  17. Btw, Attila says Goodbai to ya.
    *cough* in my profile *cough*
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  18. *Crushed by huge walls of text* :p Just kidding. Was a interesting read and it's the first story I know of that i'm been mentioned in :D Now for some questions:
    -What is your favourite food and drink?
    -Favourite game?
    -Favourite youtuber (if you have one)
    -Favourite SMP?
    -Does mba use too many ':p' emotions?
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  19. Food? Tomato strudel Drink? Linnuse Kali (Translates into Castle Kvass) (The not containing small bit of alcoholic)
    Alan Wake, for now.
    I'm neutral when talking about favorite youtubers.
    Hes the god of :p emoticon.
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