[AMA] AlexChance and Jcplugs win all of teh emc's

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by _BRZ, Jul 7, 2013.

  1. That is all

    Since this is kinda importent to me and alex (I dont think you under stand how much we've said "Almost 100 pages doe" This'll be a Pug and Awlex ama :D
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  2. Dear lord, what were you discussing?
  3. Clearly the whole lengths of the universe. I don't even.
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  4. Literally everything. :cool:
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  5. Lets Try One xD
  6. I believe that is 99.1 pages "full"... the 100th page only has one message, therefore is not "full".
    I rest my case.
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  7. Well. Give it a day.
  8. I bet half of it was Jade bugging Alex. :p

    EDIT:3000th post :D
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  9. Ehhh
    Alot of it is stupid stuff like "I dont wanna build this"
    "Alex go get me foood"
    "Jccccc build 4005 for me"
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  10. Oooh, an AMA!

    if u go 2 a house nd ther is no 1 in ther but u rly gota use the bathroom do u

    [A] use bathrom n e way

    [choise b] ask ppl in house

    [C] b is not posible cuz no 1 in house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  11. Uhh
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  13. 'Everything' includes a lot of screwed up stuff.
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  14. Does you think I'm pretty?
  15. We all think you're pretty, Nick, you don't need to keep asking for continual confirmation.
  16. Not everyone...
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  17. ^^^ True statement...
    However, I, for one, think that nick isnotpretty.