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  1. Hey everyone, today is my, as well as my IRL friend Enzler's, 2 year anniversary of being on Empire Minecraft. (Ignoring that last year was a leap year :p) It's been a amazing experience, and while I have been less active IG recently due too school and computer issues, I still love this place and plan on staying here as long as the doors are open. I've made friends on here who I now talk to everyday on skype and couldn't imagine what life would be like without being a part of Empire Minecraft. To those friends long gone but not forgotten, and those still around, you know who you are and thanks for all the fun.

    So, I was planning on doing some big event or something, but this sorta snuck up on me so maybe I'll plan an event for 750 days and give away some of the things I've been hording for two years :p Since AMA's seem to be the cool thing to do, this can be an AMA I guess. I'll see if I can get Enzler to answer some questions as well. The main point is, thanks for an awesome two years EMC and I look forward to years to come.

    2-year novaskin smaller.jpg
    (Sorry to anyone not in this, novaskin has a limit and I'm forgetful)
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  2. why irun man
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  3. Cody congrats on you two year anniversary! Seriously if you never joined emc or met me I have no clue were I could of been without talking to you like everyday :D You are fun and awesome to talk to. Oh and I love the picture you put in their hehe. Glad you are like one of my best friends on emc. Love ya! :p

    edit: Sorry forgot a question lol
    Are you excited for college?
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  4. I don't think that really needs anymore explanation actually.
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  5. Question!
    Favorite color? o-o
    What is your biggest dream? >///<
    Eggplonts or Potatoes?

    Congratz on 2 years ace! Hope you had a wonderful time on emc till now and forever on! (if that's how you say it >.>)
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  6. Didn't see the edit :p
    Yeah, excited but gonna be weird leaving home
    Probably blue
    I really, really want to go into a cocoon and become a butterfly some day
    Sorry tayla and sonic (I thought you were team eggplont), but potatoes win over eggplonts.
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  7. It's amazing how time flies. Congrats on your 2 year my good friend :)

    What inspires you the most? Irl and Emc :3
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  8. Hmm, that's a tough one. IRL I'm always inspired by awesome skyscrapers. I know you are/were planning on going into achitecture so you probably know what I'm talking about. Also, I like being out in nature looking at beautiful landscapes and views, though I spend way more time on my PC than actually doing that.

    On EMC, apparently not enough because I have 5 reses right now with unfinished projects I lost inspiration on :p
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  9. Congrats Ace/Iron Man/the name you go by on skype (if that is your name :rolleyes::p)!
    Sorry, a little bit late to this thread, but can you attempt to type the usernames of everyone in that picture, using your toes and chin only? O.O Post your results :D
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