[AMA] 1300 days here at EMC

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by HxCami10, Mar 29, 2016.

  1. Soooo out of the blue I realized today is my 1300th day on EMC!
    So I thought what would be better than an AMA!

    So for all of you inquisitive people, ask away :D

  2. First
    Congrats man
    What is your favorite promo?
  3. Well.. The first promo I remember getting is the 2013 New Years Firework, but there coulda be one before that :p
  4. Why is your name HxCami10?
    and wd
  5. Well.. When I first started playing online my name was Camisado, which if you do not know means an attack made at night, or in the dawn. On the Enemy Territory server I played on, everyone started calling me Cami, so it kinda stuck.. And then I added the HxC for Hardcore and 10 is the year I graduated high school :p
  6. Congratulations.

    Why did you decide to join EMC of all servers (1300 days ago)
  7. I had Minecraft for a while and never played on a MP server. So I did some searching for servers, and found EMC and I loved it when I read about it, and then loved it even more after playing on it :p
  8. Oh! And I forgot to mention this doesn't have to be just in-game stuff! Ask me anything for me means anything (that is appropriate, that is :p)
  9. Happy 1300 Cami! As for my question, Favorite pokemon?
  10. Now that's a tough one. I have always loved the Abra evolution tree. Umbreon and Espeon are up there too. So it's between those 5 haha
  11. How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?
  12. Congratulations! My 1700th day will be coming in two months but I'll as the most important questions of them all.

    Are you Q's alt?

    Why you so nub?

    Even if these questions are stupid are you being nice to a veteran like me?

    Did you expect getting moderator?

    What was your attraction to become moderator? (What do you think)
  13. a woodchuck would chuck all the wood it could chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood :D
  14. No I am not Q's alt
    I am not a nub, I have been deemed a scrub :p
    I am nice to everyone :p
    honestly I did not expect it, it caught me off-guard, but I was very happy to say the least
    And I perused the position because I wanted a chance to give back to the community that I have let become my minecraft home.
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  15. from 1-7 how much smp8-ness you have in your DNA?
  16. how much of a scrub are you?
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  17. why do you wanna be so much like me :D
  18. You've got tats? If it's not too personal -- what of?
  19. Fish
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