[AMA] 1003 days on EMC

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  1. Thanks to finch_rocks66 for pointing this out for me :D

    Hello friends and citizens of the Empire, it was brought to my attention that I am nearing my 1000th day since I first signed up on Empire Minecraft. First of all, thank you for all the fond memories and opportunities that have been presented to me. I am honored to be a part of the EMC staff again.

    I want to thank my friends Aikar and Maxarias especially, without these two, EMC wouldn't be where it is today, and it is very likely that I would not be here today without these two dedicating so much of their time behind the scenes making EMC what it is today. I aspire to be like these two who have sacrificed time in their own life to work on something that brings joy to over 70,000 people. I honor and respect them.

    Let's also not forget where it all started: http://empireminecraft.com/threads/good-evening-gentlemen.177/

    So to the matter at hand, I am open to all questions be they EMC related, or personal related. I am ready to answer though don't forget that EMC rules still apply here. :)
  2. How did you found out about EMC?
  3. Do you think I am pretty?
  4. Here's a early congrats man =)! Also, what is your favorite custom feature or item that EMC provides?
  5. jeeze green, you old :p
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  6. What advice would you give a new player

    ANd if you could choose between Batman and Magneto who would you choose ?
  7. Wow! Grats!! 1000 days ago I was playing Skyrim and I had never heard of Minecraft... hehehe
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  8. Lol battmeghs would read: "If you could choose between Batman and Awesomer Batman who would you choose?"

    There ain't no more options xD
  9. ^Actual quote from the first thread I ever made.

    Like a perfectly rounded watermelon.

    The custom mobs and items really spice the mining experience up for me. :) Oh, and I like that I can set my own difficulty :D (and the economy we have is outstanding)

    1. That all depends on the context. If, for example, they wanted advice on how to get the most out of EMC, I would tell them to go out, mine and bring home lots of resources you found yourself. Buying from shops is nice and convienent, but nothing is more rewarding than building your res out of things you collected yourself.
    2. I don't pay attention to comic book heroes and villains very much, but if I had to pick one it would have to be Batman. He doesn't need any of those fancy powers to be great, he uses his resources and the environment to the best of his ability to take out the bad guys. :)
    Thanks. Now if you'll excuse me I have to brush the bugs out of my 10 foot long grey beard.
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  10. Hiya G, haven't seen you about and then Pop! there you are. :D I'm right behind you on days, you joined 1 month before I did. :p Gratz on being staff again, it suites you well.

    What would you consider to be your greatest Minecraft creation?

  11. 1. What has been your favorite EMC moment?
    2. Is it easy being green?
    3. If your parents played MC, would they be Blue_Mystery and Yellow_Mystery?
  12. Chickens or Cows?
  13. I am closing in on this milestone too! Have you ever been rude?
  14. My first res, 852.

    1. Well when I was first accepted as a moderator many months ago, that was a highlight. And today I went on a fantastic trip to the Nether and made it out alive with 4 stacks of Nether brick, a stack and a half of soul sand, a stack and a half of glowstone, and way too much netherrack.

    2. I'm not even going to entertain that idea, thank you. But props to you for your clever rhetorical question :D
    I can't believe I said that either lol. Look at me now :p

    Cows, because you can collect multiple resources from them. One of which can be collected by not murdering them, and is used in cake!

    One time I told my mom that I would never be as mean of a parent as her and told her to shut up while she was on the phone. I was five years old, and got whapped with a hat for the 'shut up' thing.
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  15. One time I told my mom that I would never be as mean of a parent as her and told her to shut up while she was on the phone. I was five years old, and got whapped with a hat for the 'shut up' thing.[/quote]i am sorry my friend. The fannibal code forces me to do this. :D
  16. Congratulatations on being amongst Empire Minecraft's first Millenials!
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  17. 1003 days later, and I'm here :p AMA!
  18. Only in Art terminology my dear friend.
  19. How does it feel to have the power of one of the 3 main primary colours?