[AMA] 1 year on EMC :D

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  1. In around 7 days, The big day will come for me.

    Very Special Thanks to:
    ELLIE_JOHNSON, SgtStutta45 and Chewsy4 - Very good freinds though the year :)
    And many more (Will update)
    These and many more people made my life so much easier on here :D

    As this is an AMA, you may ask anything you wish! ;)
    Quick things i love: Gaming (Cod <3), Food, Dubstep and EMC (Of course)
    How did i start on emc? Here it is...
    I went on my laptop, opened minecraft and thought "I should find a minecraft server"
    Then found my way to EMC and 2 other servers. I tested them all, And knew EMC was my best fit,
    So i stayed here. After a few days of playing, I built a tiny 2 block spaced shop, I was proud of it
    beacause it was my very first on a towny server. After that, Around the time i did not use caps and was a noob.
    I met some nice people, then thats the time when i started to <3 EMC.
    I once got banned for: Atemptive abuse of glitch. I understood what i did and will not
    try to use them nowadays :)
    Many more to explain, But im best off not

    Thanks to everyone! EMC has changed the way i am :D
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  2. Yay for tiny shops! I'm sure on my first towny server (not EMC) I built one of those as well. :p

    Since you love food, what are some of your favorites?

    Also, what biome is your res on (if you've got more than 1, then what biome is your first res on?)?

    Grats on 1 year!
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  3. Thanks!
    1: 2 many 2 explain...Hmm, Well, I love white icing with cake...mmm caaaaaaakkkkkkkeeeeeee
    2: Never expected this, But i think plains :p
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  4. Congrats on 1 year! :D You're an awesome friend!

    My question is: What has been your favourite event so far on EMC?
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  5. My question is: when are you going to upload an EMC video for YouTube? :p
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  6. When you see a pickle whats your first reaction?
  7. Congrats on approaching your first year in the Empire meerkatman. Hope you have many more. ;)
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  8. Thanks :D I never really try out events, So i have not really a clue :p But the grabfest looked kinda cool
    I have already uploaded a few, But im working on the new emc promo video (Reupload for changes to it) If thats your question ;)
    i wus laik cucumber
    Thanks! I will stay as long as i can :cool:
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  9. Bump, keep this thread going ;)
  10. 3 days to go!
  11. My question:
    If a red panda was fighting a giant panda, both using haribos, who woud win?
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  12. Erm, I think a red panda, cuz its red :p
  13. Well, giant pandas could be red if you coloured them in or judged them by their tongue
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  14. Congrats Meerkat, here's to 2 years! x3 Also, I'm almost a year on emc too :)
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  15. hapy 1 yr i made bad grammar for this occasion as i always do

    question: If there was no water in all of existence except for a bit in a toilet with poop in it, (if u flush it the water won't come back up) would you drink it?
  16. Is it pronounced GIF or GIF? Hehe, you read those in different pronunciations in your head.
  17. I think GIF :) *uses grey text randomly just to see if it works*
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  18. For some reason I startled when I saw the date that post was made. It's 2015, already? :eek:

    I didn't, actually.
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  19. Why you gotta ruin my fun?
  20. Uh, I wasn't planning to. What's the problem?
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