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  1. I often get messages asking for a way to become a supporter or donate without PayPal (credit card). Most of these messages come from Europeans / non US players. One company I have been talking with is Paysafecard because I heard that they are popular in Europe, how popular is this method? Does anyone have any other suggestions?
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  2. I have wondered about this before. I am willing to pay the money to become a supporter but currently have no credit/debit card or pay pal account. I have seen websites that you can pay for there subscriptions through mobile service providers. You can put the money on your phone as credit, and when you pay for your subscription it automatically takes it from your credit (or adds onto your bill if on contract) I believe this would be a very effective way of doing it as many people have access to a mobile phone and there is no need to access a bank account , which i'm sure is the main problem for a lot of people. I'm not exactly sure on how the whole system works but i'm sure a keen spot of googling will bring up the answers needed. I have seen paysafecards in use on websites before, this is a good idea due to not having to have a bank account, however the downside is you need to find a retailer who sells the pin numbers needed for the transaction, with me for example, i live in a large town but the nearest retailer is over 20 miles away, for other players who live even more rurally i can imagine this being just as difficult as having a paypal account. Even with these negative points i still believe it would be a step in the right direction, it offers an alternative payment method which will definitely expand emc's supporter market. Despite all of this i have sent away for my credit card specifically to become a supporter :p Hope this has helped.
  3. Yes I have looked into mobile payments, and was actually talking with a company Zong about it. They are an option but the fee is VERY high.
  4. Dont use Zong or BOKU, as you said the fees are ridicules.

    Paysafecard is however a very wide opportunity to pay with cash in most stores here in EU (7-Eleven, Statoil etc. etc.) might also be something to look into - its the same idea with bank/ prepaid cards.
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  5. I heard something about bitcoins. Not sure how they work tho.
  6. How about good ol fashioned checks with a 3 month minimal prepay?
  7. What about postage?
  8. Its almost impossible to get a overseas bounced check covered by the payer.
    Been there done that - cant advice it ^^
  9. PlaySpan looks interesting, they basically let you accept 85 different payment methods and they combine it all and manage it for you. However I can't find the rates so I am guessing they are high, I will look into it.
  10. Accepting a promise of money has a lot of risk and requires a lot of man hours. Unfortunately I don't think we would be able to handle that, especially internationally.
  11. Good point
  12. would there be any way for a different U.S. side transfer instead of paypal. i would like to use this awsome $50 walmart visa gift card to pay for an iron account for a few months
  13. Hey Justin, why dont you go down the path of having those gift cards made specifically for EMC :D You know like the ones Zynga uses :D

    This is just a bit of a far fetched idea, but maybe down the line I will be able to see EMC gift cards in my local supermarket ;)
  14. I think that a pay by moblie option would be nice.
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  15. I'm all for the idea of sending home-baked cakes as alternative payment. :)

    (I once sent a food package to a mate in the US. It had amongst other things, a Melton Mowbray porkpie, top quality chocolate and Irn-Bru. By the time it arrived two months later, it was so well sealed that the stench of a decaying pork pie had been trapped inside. He threw up when he opened it. arf arf)
  16. I do accept payments in energy drinks and beef jerky (joking).
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