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  1. I've noticed that alternate accounts seem to be generally accepted here, as long as they're not used to circumvent bans and such. So a thought occurred to me, aren't alternate accounts really just a way to get around the whole one residence per player issue? Just buy a second res with your alt, give your main account full permissions, and it's basically like owning two residences, though you don't have to be a supporter.

    Am I right, or have I missed something?
  2. for a new account it is about $20 however for that price you can become diamond supporter for a month, claim your 4 residences and then not for any months after that, i know this is not liked by anyone but the alt accounts are also basically the same.
  3. Actually - a moderation stance that was put in place a while after you, Alex, left means that each account is now separate, so if you get banned, you won't have that alt account banned unless it does something else wrong. Although in serious cases - such as site bans - an alt will be banned too, as well as any future ones. So basically each account is a separate player, in most cases. :)

    However, yes that's possible. It's not really a problem though, as we have the residences available and in the short-term it's more expensive, especially as you don't get any perks with it. :)
  4. It works really well this way... I think I've got around 14 reses now... :D
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  5. How many alts you have? lmao
  6. Lots. And some have/had supporter (even more reses).
  7. Lucky.
  8. I got 1 alt so I can control my rupees at my shop, that way it prevents my shop from being sold too many items that do not sell so well and yes I also cap my chests. But If I am bidding in an on line auction I know I have the rupees to pay for it and also any orders I make for goods.