Alternate Account Shows Rupees Being Paid to Main Account?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by AlexC__, Mar 4, 2012.

  1. It does not double rupees, but how does this happen? It makes things quite confusing..

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  2. Hahah I had this same problem a little while back, with both of my accounts that is, never really bothered to bring it up as its not that much of a problem.
  3. Ahaha yeah, it just really confuses my brilliant brain as to which account I'm on ;P.
  4. Malicaii12 had this problem, also. It has to do with the system accepting shortened entries and finding all matches.

    Player with name "Mal" would effect Malicaii12, Malakras and Malcomiab. (Among other users)
  5. I have to ask. Where you are? :confused:
  6. The act of riding a cart is perfectly acceptable. It's the act of being AFK for a long period of time that's not allowed.

    I use a cart in my exp grinder too, because its required to make the grinder function correctly.

    Nothing wrong with riding a cart, chatting and doing your thing while riding.

    and Alex was clearly not afk, for him to be sending money between his accounts and taking screenshots... ;)
  7. Ahaha yep, I mainly switch between forum-posting, chatting with supporter channel and /tell. Also organising chests ;P
    The track also has a purpose -- a 'detector rail invention' :)

    Also, I think Justin should make it only illegal when the server is full.. and only kick when the server is full. Seeing as 'we' have 2 grinders -- one on Utopia. :/ This was discussed somewhere else.

    Oh really? Thanks for clearing that up! So if I were to say type in 'Alexisa' would it change to 'AlexIsAwesome' ? If that was really a name of course ;P

    If I told you that, I'm afraid I'd have to kill you. ;P
  8. <Dramatic Music Plays> Aww..... :C
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  9. But he would respawn :p
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  10. :confused: What if someone name JustinG
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  11. I think the claim here is if Mal sells something in his shop, ALL players who's name starts with Mal gets the notification, but only Mal gets the money.
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  12. Ok, NOW it's a problem.

    If you type in [locked]

    It corrects to make them both AlexChance2.
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  13. I hope not. Because then someone name nnnnmc (without the "1" in the end) can come took all my stuff :( :eek:
  14. I'm making an account with the IGN as nnnnmc now Thanks for the idea :p
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  15. lmao
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  16. I have to ask, what texture pack is that?
  17. I think it's misa