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  1. Anyone have an Alt I could use? :/ I'm banned and can't be unbanned because of my brother.
  2. You should get your own alt. It is your fault that you left your mc open or did not just make a new password.
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  3. What about your brother is keeping you from appealing? Seems to me that you should have not downloaded the illegal mods or just make a new profile that is illegal mod-free. Do not blame your brother for things you could have prevented.
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  4. Exactly, you can dispute the ban if it wasn't you and it was your brother.
  5. His appeal has been denied. Your account, your responsibility.

    If you wish to continue playing on EMC, I advise you to buy your own alt. :)
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  6. i wonder if it was his brother using his account when the account was banned for that same thing 9 months ago.
    and you were given a second chance after that mess up too =\
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  7. Do not go about asking for the account of someone else. Your failure to maintain basic security of your account has brought your downfall.
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  8. You could always search through the internet ;)