Alright, how do i do a biome change in my res?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by SignifiedSix, Sep 18, 2013.

  1. I'm stuck in a stupid taiga biome and its starting to annoy me. I want to build an auto farm, but my water keeps freezing. I don't feel like covering my res with glass.

    How do i do it, or is it not possible?
  2. Currently, you are not able to get your residence's biome changed. However, it is planned to have an automated system for custom biomes later.
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  3. People on SMP9 are telling me admins can do it for r20k.
  4. I hope you aren't considering paying 20k for it to happen, even if they can change it.
  5. I really don't care anymore at this point lol. The colors are all off in my res which makes it look ugly to look at.
  6. You can download certain texture packs that make all the colors look like plains biomes. IIRC, optifine lets you disable biome colors too.
  7. You get a new res.
  8. I wouldn't suggest messaging ICC as he is very busy, try deathtomb, chickeneer or 5weety
  9. ^only seniorstaff (i think) and admins would be able to do this if it were offered
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  10. umm snow biomes can be created with snow that is from a silk touch spade, desert by sand and mountains by umm.... mountains.....
  11. Well, I've actually asked Max about this before, and she said that it's impossible currently, but it is being worked on. So... I don't think it's even being offered ;_;
  12. :/ A shame...