Alright guys i have decided to create an empire mine craft Lottery!!!

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  1. *Lottery is held on smp3, but includes every smp member who would like to participate*
    *Lottery grand prize will start at 5,025R and will increase steadily every week adding up all of the ticket sales and cutting that in half eg*(500R in tickets=250R towards lottery) = 5,250R for week 2*
    *The drawings will be 5 numbers, match 2= 100R, match 3=700R, match 4=1750R, match 5=5000* eg* if you choose 1, 7, 9, 15, 22- and the winning numbers are 1,4, 9, 15, 22, you would win 700R for match 3*
    *You can do up to 10 picks- pick 1=10R, every pick after 1st=5R. *eg* 5 picks=30R - This means you can have multiple numbers for the first slot, and so on: This is an example ticket if you choose 3 picks. The numbers will range from 1 through 30 (1,2,3,4,5,6,7 ... 28,29,30)
    Example Ticket:
    1 25 14 17 3
    5 13 26 30 8
    7 24 9 14 11
    This basically means that for the 1st match number, if it is a 1, 5, or 7, you automatically win for that slot! and so on.
    *Note: The lottery numbers will be chosen once Every Friday at 7PM - 10PM unless stated otherwise*
    When buying tickets, please pay your Rupees to /r pay firebox360 (number) And state the exact Eastern standard time that you paid so that there are no complications on whether you have paid or not
    If you win please be sure to comment with your winning numbers, and be sure to not delete your previous comment with your choices or you WILL NOT be eligible to win.
    I hope everyone enjoys this idea that i have thought of for the empire, and good luck to you!
    *The winning numbers will be COMPLETELY RANDOM using a random number generator*
    Let the playing begin! Tell your friends, You must play to win!!!
    If there are any suggestions as to how i could make this more efficient, please let me know by private messaging my in my inbox- thanks! I will be using For the random number picks
    *You may not bid after 3PM The day of the drawing*
  2. can you show proof of this random number generator, and maybe gurantee that someone else, with no tie in the lottery uses the random number generator, as to avoid conflict of interest issues. I mean, if no one wins you get the money right? so what stops you from just making up a group of numbers that no one has. Sorry if i dont beleive a wall of text that tells me otherwise.
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  3. You could just type the numbers into the random number slot. I tried and it worked
  4. Funny how everyone doubts everybody on here. Each number generated is between the number 1 and 30, if he were to "select" numbers to exclude, which is very hard to do, how would he pick you're number. with his screen shot it will have the date and time of the numbers drawn and he can do it at 6:30 p.m. that way the numbers will be set before they are revealed, therefore he won't be able to change them. common sense if you ask me.
  5. i am not saying i "doubt" anyone, but scamming is a big problem, and big worry in situations like these. I like the idea, but I want to see it executed properly, and I am just ensuring all proper channels of elimination have been gone through, before i get a full inbox the day after this drawing with "this guy cheated" messages. This way i can simply say, "It was legal, and legit, I made sure of it" and then copy and paste.
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  6. well smooch, check out my 2nd website, that one is completely random, with sets, and no way to change those random numbers.
  7. i know i looked at it =). and it is fine. I do not want you to take what i am doing as hostile. Its just part of the job description.
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  8. I understand, hey some guy was trying to tell me lotteries were banned? is this true? becuase if people can do lucky dips and casinos, its all of the same, im just trying to include everybody...
  9. The only reason i would be part of a lotto is it being run by admins.
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  10. I wasn't referring to you smooch, I was referring to the guy saying he could put in his own numbers. I really like this idea and support it 100%, and i will even go out on a limb and say His word is as good as his bond. So much so that you can permanently ban ME if he cheats, or doesn't execute it in a proper fashion. And we all know that there will be people claiming he's cheating no matter what, hence the reason you would like to know it's legit as well. I know this kid personally, and me vouching stands for nothing I realize that, but I love this empire I'm on ALL THE TIME. lol, me being willing to get banned for him "cheating" should say something. I think a lottery will bring a new atmosphere to the Empire, in a beneficial way. It'll be played like the real thing, we all know weeks go by without a win, in this case as well. it's random. You set the standards, and I know this guy will live up to them.
  11. Well that is unfortunate, as it is completely fair, considering the random generator i am using, and have been a respected member for 2 months. I am sorry that some people can't have fun and gamble once in awhile. People do lucky dips and stuff all the time, and theyre all relatively new members, so please explain to me how this is ''unfair'' or i could be ''jipping you guys off' when im putting 5,000R of my own money in the pot, and if someone luckily wins right away, im out 5K.
  12. It's causing way too much hassle already, he wants to give some money away and make some all at the same time, isn't that what we are all trying to do. No matter what i respect the mods and admins decision, at least take a vote or see if you can come up with a way to run it with him, maybe you could pick the numbers (you as in the admin and mods), give them to him and he will handle the drawing?
  13. while lotteries/gambling is currently discouraged while the staff try to define ways for the operators to make it more "scam" proof, what you are doing seems legit enough for me. (thus the reason i was asking evasive questions XD)

    So, as of now, I approve of this, simply because it seems well thought out, and seemingly random enough. All ways of winning are identified. And chances are clear. Which is our current debate on it anyways =P
  14. Thank you! he will prove very quickly (next friday) that he is not scamming.
  15. now, expect more questions as they pop up in my mind, I will only ask things that, as a moderator, make a weight on my decisions.
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  16. Well thank you Ismooch, but i'm not sure how i can people to ''trust the system'' I need ideas, and maybe we can actually get people going with this... it would be a nice way to include the empire, and maybe pay out some nice cash to the lucky ones who win it. if this goes well, and people aren't winning the jack-pot left and right, The jack-pot could go up to tens of thousands with enough people on it. and copherfield, does an admin telling me he approves of this method convince you? If not, dont play. thats all i can say
  17. Maybe we could get a lotto board put together? I mean they do it in the real world. A group of people that get together and determine how the numbers will be drawn and in what fashion. we could get the admin and mods support on this and get the whole empire involved. I enjoy playing the lotto in the real world, and I've won 6 bucks once in my life, why not play on here too? IF it gets big enough we could do it on Tuesdays and Fridays, just like the mega millions.
  18. Mind you, I've no interest here except in making things fair: what's to keep you from rolling multiple times each drawing until something good (for you) comes up? Slightly problematic still. I've looked briefly for a "verified" dice roller but can't really find a good one that doesn't force you to use email, which wouldn't work so well.