[Already over] Shell's follow appreciation thingie ;)

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  1. Hi gang!

    End of the weekend. And just now I noticed that I was following 60 players and got stalked err: followed by 90 (now 91) :) Its one thing to stalk and be stalked, its another to appreciate your good fortune. SO... I turned to random.org:

    Best Minecraft Servers

    So the 27th player I decided to follow wins 5k. Who could it be?

    Best Minecraft Servers

    I know, I know... this thing went into alphabetic order. Still, enough randomness for me involved to make this work (I don't follow just anybody).

    So what about the players who actually chose to get informed about crazyness like the post you're now watching? Well...

    Best Minecraft Servers

    Who could it be?

    Best Minecraft Servers

    Congratulations guys. You won a 5k competition and you don't even know it at the time of writing, how cool can it get? :D

    Why? Because I can..

    Thanks for reading, the competition is over and I'm afraid you probably lost ;)
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  2. Oh...
    Ok then...
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  3. That calls for a runners up ;) Has to wait for tomorrow Nether, but yah; you're the runner up :)

    1st post has never been so rewarding :cool: (I think).
  4. Oh, wow, thanks! :D Money for just doing absolutely nothing? Sounds good to me!