Almost lost my brother twice... ;(

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  1. Hey,
    I will be not much online the following days... :(
    because my brother tried twice to kill himself :(
    i'm 15 and its hard to go to school with knowing my brother can try it again :(
    my brother is 17 and his GF broke up with him and now he's so sad he can't live with her
    he's now in the hospital to have medical assistance and 24h/24h being watched he will be there for at least 14 days...

    please forgive me i won't be online

    Brennian :(

  2. Dude, I'm sorry that you have been put through so much stress. You have my regards and best wishes, stick close to your bro.
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  3. That sucks :(
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  4. :( best wishes never give up
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  5. indeed :(
    thanks for the support :)
  6. I'm so sorry to hear about your brother. This is definitely the time to be with him as this is when he needs you the most. I will be keeping him, you, and your family in my prayers as you all face this hardship together.
    Best regards,
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  7. Hey man. Very sorry to hear about that. I know there's nothing that can be said to make it feel better, buy my prayers are with you and your family.
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  8. Wow sorry to hear that
    You have my prayers
    I dont know you too well but this kinda stuff sucks :(
    I hope it all works out
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  9. Let him know how much he means to you and your family. Good luck and God bless.
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  10. I'm really sorry to hear this. My prayers are with you and your family, I hope that it all gets better soon.
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  11. Hey man I understand your pain. When I was 15 I came home from skateboarding with friends to find my mother laying in her bed overdosed on sleeping pills. I had to do CPR but I did and it worked. Called the ambulance and she made it. But it was hard the following years because I knew she could try it again at any time. Kinda like the trust that comes naturally with family was broken. It's rough man. You have to stay strong. As hard as it is now, I promise you will become a stronger person because of this. Give your brother the love and support he needs, but do not baby him, I kept it real with my mom. I told her that she hurt me by doing that, and that it would take time to rebuild our trust. Now my mom and I are closer than ever, even though the thought never leaves me, it does get better with time. One thing that helped me through that time was writing. I just kept a pad and pen on me and whenever I felt my emotions over coming me I wrote it down. It feels good when you vent, and for all you know you might just write something that will help someone else going through this someday. Remember that Life is precious and fragile, we've got to live life to the fullest because we never know just how close death is. Learn from this experience, grow in knowledge and strength from this, and remember above all else that Only YOU can define your life....
  12. I know exactly how you feel m8, my big sister tried once and i had to stop her, one of the worst days of my life.

    Its a horrible selfish thing to do to your family imo and can really mess with your head so i hope he gets better for your sake and your families.
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  13. all the things you said makes me crying,
    from the love i get from you guys :eek:
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  14. now homework :eek:
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  15. Hey, um, I may be late, but sorry for this. I'm not gonna make this long, but tell him the Great and Awesome Yank's condolences are with him. Sorry for everything, hope he recovers :)
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  16. No its not to late :D thx a lot
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  17. I cant think of anything to say but I know how yo feel my friend once ... but was not relation wise
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  18. So sorry dude
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  19. Wow... this is just harsh, I really feel for you. I also have an older brother and if he would try to do something like this... I wouldn't know what to do. I wish you and your family the best to get trough this.
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  20. I hope you go trough this situation, and i really hope that your brother come out of it and you guys can be happy together :)
    In this times, i believe i can say that the whole Delta Team it's sorry for your situation, we (as a team) have became friends and i remember we have chatted some times about your (and our) life, that's why i think you won a place at our lifes and you diserve it.
    I believe this will make not much sence for people but for you might have:
    You will always have us at your friends, at least in MC :)

    Your a pretty nice dude, i really hope you go trough and get some time to enjoy as you diserve.
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