[Almost Free Horses] Tinkerbell & Ob1's Horse Farm

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  1. Howdy everyone. Tinkerbell28 and I are starting a good ol' fashion barn raising at our horse farm on Utopia res 5424. When we started breeding horses, we felt that everyone should be able to have these wonderful additions to the game.

    So, while I am constructing our barn and while I am logged in, if you want to swing by and drop off two gold ingots in the sell chest, I will let you pick out a horse breed for free. Pick any of the 37 breeds (not including my limited addition horses). Hope to see you all in the game!
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  2. might I ask why its 2 gold for a horse? (does someone need a supply of gold? :p )
  3. Two ingots to make the two golden carrots it takes to breed a horse.

    LOL, of course Tink will always take extra gold she says....
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  4. gold...... :D
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  5. That is an awesome barn and Silo, That you have there. They have a HUGE Selection of horses too!
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