Allow others to destroy my blocks

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  1. Hello Volks!

    If I get to construct something in the wild, anywhere, other people won't be able to destroy it, right?
    So, is there any command where I can allow people to destroy my stuff anytime?
    (Or enable that to happen).

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  2. just make sure build mode is turned off when building. I believe you do that by typing /buildemode off but I could be wrong
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  3. I've just found out about this "buildmode" thing. I built a few things near someone's house/railroad and didn't know they couldn't destroy it. I want people to be able to destroy anything I build outside my house. I'll try this in the future.
  4. If you build something while you're using buildmode (as mentioned by my contrib colleague up there) then no one can break any blocks you placed. If you don't use buildmode then only specific types of blocks are protected (the full list is here).

    The easiest option is to add them to your friends list. /fr add <name of player>. By default all your friends will be able to remove your blocks.

    You can also set up a temporary permission (but this requires you to be present): /invite people into your group, then turn on block break: /gr blockbreak on. Now all players in the group can destroy each others blocks. And because you're part of the group this also includes yours.

    I hope this can help too. Now, I know it's a long read (longer than the wiki I'm afraid) but I wrote a guide on this new anti grief system, you can find that here. Maybe that can also give you ideas.
  5. Thanks!
    Now I have an idea of how it works. Basically, 95% of my stuff is unprotected.
    I didn't know it before.