Allow Monsters in Town

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  1. If this has a thread already then here's another. All I can say is, I want monster to spawn in town. It's far more challenging and as frustrating as it may be to build stuff while creepers come running up to you it's still what I can call fun. The challenge of fighting mobs off is the reason I play grew to love Minecraft. So who's with me?
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  2. umm thats the point for the wild :D or everything will be wild...!
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  3. yea but u get griefed ALL THE TIME in the wild a little while ago i thought that having a town like place where it was like the wild would be nice
  4. well if u want mobs in town... the point is we don't want creepers blowing up ur towers and stuff thing about this wwe have TONS of sand supported by 1 block and a creeper explodes next to THAT block.. sand???? Creepers = Griefing
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  5. Besides creepers, I want to see iron golems or snow golems in our res. I really want to have an iron golem patrol my res just for fun :D

    Now about the creeper, I object to that. Anything but the creeper UNLESS you can tame it somehow :3
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  6. It would be awesome to have a mob spawner in town and if you're lucky enough to live on a slime chunk then there you go. Like I said I don't care if they blow my stuff up, it's what I want. Build public safety rooms for people if they're running from a mob, be a body gaurd, this could open up a lot of stuff. Iron Golems would be able to spawn in town making iron 100% renewable.
  7. i think it would add something new to the economy of EMC
  8. this would make it WAY to easy to grief others,destroy chests,and get xp.
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  9. Good and bad idea: bad because everyone's res's would get destroyed. Good because he cites the enchants.
  10. Elaborate more, I mean how is this so?
  11. They should have that, but make a separate server for that stuff.
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  12. lets say there is someone you HATED and you had a creeper following you,you walk on there res and set the creeper off.therefore destroying any chest or building around it.
    also i you wanted to be cheap and get xp the easy way you could turn your WHOLE res into a darkness spawner and load up on xp.
    in my eyes this is one of the worst idea's i have seen on the forums.
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  13. Just what I was thinking!
  14. Iron golems can spawn in town already if you have the right conditions. You just can't build them there. Also if you want to live on the edge, but still want to interact with people then I suggest you pick a server that you don't ever go on and establish a base far out into the wild(to avoid grieving). You can then use your the other servers to be in town or whatever you want. This way you can still have that survival feel you're talking about with creepers blowing up your stuff and skeletons shooting at your face :). Another thing is that it would be kinda dumb since it's almost impossible to die in town so it wouldn't even present a challenge, just free mob drops.
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  15. For the xp part I don't really care much, as for greifing other people build walls.
  16. Damage would most likely be turned on.
  17. unless you want the economy to take one of the biggest hits ever with free xp and cheap enchants i would suggest not doing this and for the wall thing,would you want to walk around emc and see MASSIVE obsidian walls everywhere?
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  18. the reason damage isn't on is so we can build without dieing.
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  19. Getting a silktouch pick would still require a large amount of work and without flying on our own res to aid building it just doesn't seem like such a bad thing to enable damage, people could just build temporary portals around their res. As for griefing, we have mods.
  20. by the time mods came they would be gone and the res destroyed.
    also it only took me about 1 hour to get a silk normally so doing this intown would only take about 2-3 hours.
    kinda hoping this forum gets closed.