Allow access to vaults from wild (and maybe waste)

Discussion in 'The Suggestion Box' started by BlockHead_56, Jan 23, 2023.

  1. You could make a voucher (that you can spend either rupees or real money on) that gives the owner a months access to their vaults from the wild. And/or you could tie this to iron/gold/diamond supporter levels? It would be especially handy if you are in the middle of a big build out in the fringes of civilization. How many times have we been way out somewhere and forgotten one little thing that is suddenly vital to our progress? This could be a way to improve EMC's revenue and at the same time give the players a great new feature. I know this has been proposed and rejected before but I was unable to find a thread to see what the pro's and con's already discussed were.


  2. Edit: Incase my post hadn't been clear the post remarks the ability to teleport from town to our established Outposts when the Outpost update happens. So /vaults wouldn't be needed.

    I guess it's a mute point if the OP was suggesting building elsewhere other than your established "Outpost".
  3. Thanks for this info! This would go a good way toward what I'm talking about, and is another good (great?) feature to add. I actually thought this might be a tougher sell to EMC with the 'tradition' we have of super long ice boat and rail lines ;) . However, it still would be nice to be able to access vaults if you are out exploring in the middle of nowhere and suddenly realize you left something critical 'at home'. I also like the idea of making both perks something you have to earn. Early game should be more vanilla, but as time goes by and you establish yourself in various locations it would eliminate the boring travel.
  4. I find that planning and preparing for trips between Town and the Wild are among the things about Minecraft that keep me interested. I not only have to plan what to bring, but how to travel between my destination and Town. I rarely make a trip without thinking about what I have where I am that I might need at my destination or at another location along the way.

    Server Outposts have been a great way of extending Town into the Wild while still maintaining their separation. My understanding of Player Outposts are that they will do the same, but at a player chosen location and hopefully with more control over permissions. Closer to where I want to play, but still having the challenge of planning ahead.