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  1. Hi, I am caden672 and I would like to buy your UNSIGNED books. I will pay you a sum of rupees for each book you sell me. I will write your name and "caden672 Publishing Co. At the back of the book (unless you do it at the front). Disclaimer: Once you sell it to me i have all rights reserved on it and it is mine. I will name it what you want it to be named please feel free to pm me when i am online or on the forum. Thanks. BTW i am based out of smp4 i have a shop there at 8395. We sell everything(mostly) and books. :D Have a great day!

    EDIT: I will buy some signed book s if i think they are Amazing but i prefer Unsigned books
  2. hmm....
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  3. I bet Caden is looking at your sig ultimamaxx...
    Ima make a minecraft log of my EMC life and sell it to ya... Maybe
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  4. I am looking at his sig and i am jealous about it. Any who that autobiography would be good :D....

  5. If you mean by "all rights reserved" that the material is copyrighted, there is no laws on EMC when it comes to copyrighting. Someone who rights the book has the right to sell their own version, or someone can copy it. Of course, they will not have the book with the same author on the book, but still.
  6. Hmmm I mean like I can change it and such. Not the rights to "copyright" it. Thanks for the question :D