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  1. Hello, this thread is for anyone who is a member/civilian, owns or knows about any towns/cities in the frontier that looks good for recording so I can be contacted and shown the loacation to record. I am making a video about outposts/empires in the frontier to try and make more people interested in building them or becoming a civilian at a existing outpost as I think some outposts are extremely well built and deserve more members such as the estona region in SMP9's east frontier.

    If you cannot be bothered to read that, all I'm asking is for people to recommend me good looking old/new looking outpost towns and cities in the frontiers that I can record for a video :)
  2. Maximus and East Oak would welcome any interest :)
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  3. It's small, but mabye TERRA is good for a small shot to. Demeter is going to look betetr (i hope) but still in build.
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  4. The Grand Line outpost is the one I own. If you PM me I'd be up to arranging a visit.
  5. Thankyou! when would you be free tomorrow? or anytime this week? I'm from the UK so ill be free at around 3pm-midnight BST or 10am-7pm for americans
  6. Are you doing this in some capacity for the server? Where will it be posted?
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  7. I am free thursday and friday after 2pm EMC time.
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  8. I'm doing this for fun and to make people happy really. As for this, I want more people to get involved with outposts and empires in the frontier which will make the people who have put in hard work building the great looking towns, villages etc happier as it is being used!
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  9. Okay, I should be able to see you then
  10. Okay thankyou for the info! This has really helped me :)
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  11. There are several outposts clustered in the East Wild of smp9 that would be cool to film. Wrem and Volt are two larger brutalistic looking cities. Pazzo and Inzinno are both nice mized collections of buildings. Stonegaurd is a nice medieval looking town. If you want I can guid/ send you directions to them.
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  12. ty, I'll make arrangements sometime this week when you are free! I'll PM you on forums
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  13. Awesome, I look forward to hearing from you!
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  14. If ya wanna show off public farms i have some in the makong