All of the "Sims" games!

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  1. If anyone wants to talk about ANY "Sims" game,from Simcity 4 to Sims 4,talk about it here!
  2. Sims 4 comes out the day after my bday. I AM SUPER EXCITED!!!!!
  3. Watch :D (Some mild language)
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  4. That is ALOT of detail. Might take me a day to make my family
  5. Is it bad i've spent over 400 hours on Sims 2, 70 on SimCity 2013, and 600 on Sims 3? I've also spent like, 200 hours on Spore, but since that's technically not a Sims game.... :p
  6. One of my favorite game series, so I'm going to dominate this thread now.
    Here is a cool video about Sims!
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  7. I am deeply mixed. :( I love the Sims 3, but I only make houses and sims. xD When I heard sims 4 was coming out I got mad, because all EA does is money farm, it seems like. But sims 4 looks amaaazing, especially the create a sim. They actually look diverse. So once again I will end up spending tons of money on ea games... oh, and they apparently took some features out, like basements and pools. So I heard
  8. I'm about to get Simcity 4 in a few hours from now!

    Also,I'm not getting the Sims 4,because this new "worlds" theme sounds a bit too complex for my tastes.

    What do other people think about this new intergrated-neighbourhood world idea that will be in Sims 4?
  9. One of my friends has 200 hours on SimCity.
    And he has only had it for 17 days.
  10. What do you mean 'worlds' idea? 0-e
  11. In the Sims 4 there is supposedly worlds allowing Sims to travel between neighborhoods.

    Don't know much about them.

    I just don't like the sound of them.
  12. That's something i've wanted since I started playing The Sims 2 (March last year :p) and something you could semi-do in The Sims 3 (which I got April last year :p).
  13. I was going to pre-order the Sims 4 Digital Deluxe but now I'm not too sure... I mean, it does look very very interesting with all the new features but I only really started playing Sims 3 when I got a hold of Pets. Might wait, might not
  14. I would like it if.

    A.For once we could also see them in the cars traveling instead of a loading screen.(Not even more time watching a boring loading screen...)

    B.It would act more realistic.Instead of one neighborhood being a park for example,and all others residential,it should actually have a Industrial one,a Commerical one,and one Residential.
  15. For the love of god, NEVER PRE-ORDER A GAME. You are giving them money before its even out for a game that might suck. This goes for all games, not just EA games.
  16. Pets are one of the features that are very interesting.
  17. I have never pre-ordered personally.

    I think they try to tempt people to just pre-order with all the "extra free content" you get from pre-ordering.
  18. I pre-ordered WatchDogs because it was sold out in all my local shops at the time :p I never got to finish it :( Was up to the last mission and the most annoying kid my mum childminds threw it across the room and it hasn't been seen since then.
  19. Lol what a coincidence
  20. I Didn't actually realize that the Sims 4 was coming out until yesterday when my bro told me. They need to work on their advertizing some more.