All my Alt's and their uses

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  1. Just for people too keep track of who and where I am, I'm compiling a list of all my accounts and their uses.

    CoryLovesYou- Main Minecraft Account
    Nccoryg- Secondary Minecraft Account, Currently using too play Empire Minecraft
    CoryFromSMP8- Bank Account, Stores most of my rupees and valuable items
    CoryLegend- Just for fun, an extra residence, extra income and promos, and voting.
    Zonath- Old account, looking for the e-mail too recover the old password.

    If you are sending/receiving rupees it will most likely be with CoryFromSMP8 or Nccoryg.
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  2. Zonath is actually a pretty sweet alt name.
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  3. Buying Padexe next month.
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  4. Lots of alts. :)
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  5. Since you put that smiley face, it probably means you have more alts.. ;)
  6. They are people out there with way more alts. But good job on having these. I heard of someone having 32 alts so that they could get a Chest of every new promo.
  7. No only one. :(
  8. Ah!
    I was wondering about that, thanks for the list.

    Which ones do you use for the forums?
  9. EmpireBrothers