All i can do is say, thank you.

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  1. I have lots to say but all i can do is thank you guys from every smp for helping me. I went from clueless to a master. There has been sad times, happy times, and even stupid times. But everyone has helped me in a way. Either from learning the ropes or learning a life lesson. I may not be that girl who is famous and rich, i can admit, im sooo not. But you might be the boy or girl who is rich and famous, but isnt kind. I've been trying to be kind. Ive been so happy on this server. Sometimes i may seem mad, or agittated, but im sorry for that. I try my best. All i can do is say: Thank you.
  2. *extreme clapping*
  3. *pinks away a happy-tear*
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  4. These comments are growing RAPIDLY! I couldnt be any more thankful. Even the admins and contribution team have commented and/or liked!
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  5. wooooo frosty :D and why is mai skin my old one from like a year ago :confused:
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  6. Aweee this is adorable! Empire is teh greatest Minecraft Family like there is!
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  7. Erm? Idk. My icon? if it is, thats aidan.
  8. These posts really do show how amazing the community is.
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  9. Yeah, we rock