All Hail SamSimx

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  1. All Hail SamSimx
    Maybe you've heard the name SamSimx before? Maybe you've heard the phrase "All Hail SamSimx" before? You may not even be aware of either, but SamSimx knows you! And he wants you to vote for him in this upcoming election!

    My 3 years of EMC will be celebrated in a week from the day this post is being written and I'm very excited to say that I've been a part of this community for so long.

    So why should you even vote for me? Do I even have the credentials to be running for this position? Mostly likely not, but who cares? All Hail SamSimx.

    Ever seen my diamond pyramid where I hail from?

    Ever seen or payed homage to the shrine that was built for my greatness?

    So who are you going to vote for in this upcoming election?
    All Hail SamSimx
  2. If you would like to help me in my campaigning conquest please let me know, because we all know it, All Hail SamSimx.
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  3. Sorry but in Canada we don't like hail much. Too cold and it hurts.

    *hale* though, *hale*
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  4. Hmm, I don't know...

    Will you allow casual Fridays?
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  5. All vote SamSimX!
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  6. LOL meme.jpg
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  8. All hail samsimx.

    Also, he featured the shrine! Huzzah! All hail samsimx!
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  9. all hail samsimx all hail ___Honey_Dew____ more :D
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  10. Vote for SamSmix!! :)
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  11. Hail Samsimx! Vote for him or many bad things will happen
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  12. Hailing Samsimx? Is this much like stoning someone? However instead of pieces of rock, we throw pieces of ice at him? If so... count me in... I will Hail Samsimx.
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  13. If you vote for me I will allow this...
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  14. What are we voting for I don't get it
  15. EMC president
  16. All Hail Samsimx!
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  17. samsimx for president
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  18. I don't think this wouldn't be a good think for EMC plus Tomi don't vote so I'm not voting for anyone but this to isn't right many people won't like this and this isn't what EMC was design for and politics just one blood bath I think we should leave it to there a someone who mad EMC thst Akair then there's the krysyy and maxerios then there staff and senior staff but it's my opinion so it won't mstter

    "The position is, of course, just for fun..."

    It's a fun idea, and I really doubt any politics will come out of it.
  20. Yes it's all in good fun, but mostly, all hail samsimx is what we'll really get out of it hopefully.