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  1. I have noticed that if you want somebody to have ALL flags for your EMC Residence, you gotta do the '/res pset (Name) (Flag) true' command about 15+ times. But what if we have one command that could give them all the flags? Well, I think we should add the ' /res pset (Person) ALL true ' command. It certainly makes everything easier for everybody. Thank you for reading my Suggestion.

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  2. This was noted in the main thread, would be good if it happened.
  3. This would be incredibly useful although isn't possible at this time...
    Having the ability to remove all of someone's flags would be handy when they've finished a job instead of typing /res default or remove the flags individually. Great idea!
  4. There actually is a command in Residence that is a macro flag, which gives all main flags to someone. It is /res pset player trusted true. Check it out here, protecting and modifying a seclection in the RESIDENCE PLUGIN WIKI.

    xD I wonder why no one seems to bother with checking that site before thinking up their suggestions when it's one of our most important plugins, JustinGuy is one of the devs and it's so easy to find. If we haven't been given that macro flag there must be reason.
  5. Actually lasluin, I tried it. It does not work.
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  6. Of course it doesn't, I didn't say it worked, I said it exists, and I said we don't have access to it.
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