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  1. Hi there.

    Since about 2-3 weeks I experience an EMC-bug that causes a bit of weired "lag".
    For me it behaves like this:
    • Pinging any servers is always fine (~140 ms) even during the "lag".
    • On the first join the"lag" is nearly never occuring.
    • I got vanilla client no mods at all.
    • It's as if on joining a "boolean variable" is set to a random value "lag" or "nolag". It remains constant during the connection. Means when its "lag" then chatting, opening vault, building, digging all has 3-20 seconds delay. The lag increases strongly while teleporting from residence to residence or walking fast over many chunkboarders. When I stand still and no more chunks need to load, then the lag nearly goes to zero. But walking over next chunkboarder starts it again. Also it takes for sure a lot longer to wait until all the chunks are loaded when "lag" is on. When this "boolean variable" was set to "nolag", then I can teleport around on server as fast as I want, no lag occurs at all.
    • More players slightly seem to increase the chance of the hidden lag variable set to "lag".
    • Faster leaving and rejoining different SMP also increases chance of lag.
    • Restarting minecraft client completly and slowly often helps, but not always.

    Best regards,
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  2. Ive noticed this as well, but it acts differently but very much alike.
    Hope this gets fixed soon.
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  3. This could be one issue. Vanilla is laggy. If you want to stick with vanilla you may have to go to your settings and change things a bit, like animations, FPS, and Render Distance.


    Minecraft tends to lag when people join or leave servers. It does this on small private servers with 3 or so people as well. It's having to load everything in.

    You could always get Optifine, it helps with lag.
  4. Uh sry, I try to rephrase it:
    On joining it is decided randomly whether or not I will have lag or not during the whole time of staying connected to a certain SMP. When I disconnect and reconnect it is again decided randomly whether or not I will have lag during my stay on a server.

    (Uh so far I have this only on EMC, and only since about 2-3 weeks. May be the partial dragonegg update? Or may be just that the waiting time between disconnect and rejoin a different smp was optimized/removed?)
  5. Additional information
    • In this kind of lag, all actions stay in correct order. (On other lags I've had it so the second chat message arrives at server before the first message. But that is not happening here, even thou sometimes it delays by 10, 20 or even 24 seconds. So I suppose the packets/actions are in a Queue keeping the correct order.)
  6. I have getting lag similar to this as well.
    Pandas, a Boolean variable has to do with coding, it's a variable that is either on or off. A lot of times its 1 or 0, but in this case its a metaphor to indicate how sometimes theres lag, and randomly other times there isn't.
  7. Mods? Aikar? Staff? Any progress on this? I'm still getting it awfully often, when switching between smp's...
  8. Type /tps
    If it says 20 its your computer, if its below 20 its server
  9. not despawning enraged is causing a bit of lag i thinks
  10. Optifine and some tweaking of chunk loading, graphics etc helps tons...
  11. It's not as simple as this. Nothing to do with tps at all.

    Nothing to do with enraged mobs, coz it occurred over a month before the enraged mobs update.
    The lag came probably around or before the "dragon-egg-crystal" update. Or in that update when the minimal time between rejoining a different smp was optimized.

    I don't feel the need of tweaking. It performs very well when the issue is not occurring. And it seems to occur only on EMC.
  12. Your internet speed is not constant maybe?
    This happens to me alot. My ping when I join goes as low as 300ms (I live in New Zealand)
    However often as I play it increases...

    (note: I play on wifi :p)
  13. Just to let you know, since MC 1.6 this seems to be "fixed". Well actually for me it seems like the lag is minimized to the actual ping-time, so no more real lag. But the hidden "lag-boolean-variable" still exists and I still can distinguish it beeing true or false. Means sometimes when I mine with instabreak the blocks break instantly on my client without the ping-delay, and sometimes they break with a ping-time-delay. Like two slightly different minecraft-network-play-modes. But yay, no more lag :)
  14. It's called "turbulence". It is when the server is overloaded and you can move, but other players may appear to be not moving or stuck in the air, buttons/ pistons will not work, and items will not drop. It is us usually followed by a read time out.

    EDIT: this was one of the many bug fixes from 1.6.1 - 1.6.2.
  15. I actually, still get this lag. And I only get it on EMC servers. Maybe it has something to do with the hard drive?
  16. Likely it was reintroduced with one of the emc mods, as it was a bug fox in a recent vanilla update.