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  1. I need some where to look through my 'good' art and see improvements, so here we are :p
    All Art I'm proud of will go here, including series and completed animations. I won't be putting art from "What if the EMC Staff...." here because I'm proud of every single one of those drawings, but I might change my mind....
    They will be set out like so:
    (Title and date of completion)
    (Time taken and any notes)

    Any and all feedback is always appreciated on any of my work, so please don't hesitate. However please try not to be rude when giving feedback...
    Oldest art will be at the top while most recent art will be at the bottom

    Every single piece of my art can be found here:

    All art has a Hidden Angel 16th June 2013

    Time taken: 1+ hours

    Fallen Angel 26th December 2013

    Time taken: 3+ hours

    [No Current Title] 31st January 2014

    Time taken: 2.30 hours

    You Monster... 2nd April 2014

    Time taken: 1.50 hours

    Monsters Inside of me 27th April 2014

    Time taken: 2+ hours

    Sketch Sheet 10th May 2014

    Time taken: 1.30 hours

    Alice The Fox 17th May 2014

    Time taken: 1.40 hours
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  2. Animations will be pretty bad quality since I have to ajdust the music and I have to change the actual animation into a GIF then into an AVI. Much better quality on a DSi!
    (Title and Date)

    ET Early 2013

    Quiet Like the Snow Febuary-March 2014

    Emotionless Collab March 2014

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  3. Reserved
  4. Reserved (Hopefully I won't need anymore, but I've make that mistake before xD
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  5. These are really good!
    I really like the Fallen Angel one :)
  6. Thank you :)
    Edit: I tried to sign up on the colorslive website but it didn't work :(
    I will try it on pc
  7. Alice, I wish I could 'like' all your posts with art in them again.
    Make more art so I can like it! :D
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  8. They all go in the same post for now anyway! :p
    Since I've got my signature finished I should be able to get more done anyway
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  9. very good quality, hd :D how long does these take?
  10. It says under each picture how long each one takes :p
    A usual drawing with a decent background will take about 1 hour 30 mins, but if it's more detailed with shading and a good background it can take over 3 hours....
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  11. thats what i wanted to know thanks :D
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