AlexChance Vs. Enderman

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Awesome or nahh

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  1. AlexChance takes on an enderman riding his ripped creeper! Created by ECID. AC creeper vs ender man.png
  2. The real question here, if Alex wins will the creeper explode?
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  3. How did you make this?
  4. He is the only person that really knows
  5. howd you get the mob images?
  6. All hail the Paint Wizard!
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  7. Made them with lines and blur tools :D
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  8. dang, you really are the Paint Wizard!
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  9. this is really good!
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  10. Meanwhile, Aikar hurriedly takes down notes for next new Enraged Mob :p
  11. Thanks took us a few hours :cool:
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  12. Creeper Tamer Alex

    A custom mob of an esteemed Moderator. He is known to be riding an uncommonly large creeper. He has a low chance of dropping the Blade of Luck, a diamond sword with the following enchantments.

    Looting VI
    Sharpness III
    Knockback IV


    A blade in the hand is worth an Alex in the bush.
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  13. Excellent work :)
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  14. Thank you guys for all the likes and support.☺
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  15. Wow id love to see your painting in real life, awesome work nice, and a good idea :D
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  16. It's great, I love it :D Although I'm slightly worried about my head O.O
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  17. To much awesomeness for the body :p
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  18. Poll: 18 votes awesom. 0 votes nahhh
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  19. Just hope I pick it up, I'm sure I could sell it for a shiny penny :D
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