[ALERT] Problems with SMP4 and SMP2

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  1. Okay so, lets start with smp4-
    • Can't connect because it says the server is 1.3
    That's all for smp4, for now at least
    Now smp2-
    • Blocks keep reappearing after I break them multiple times
    • Can't pick up items on ground sometimes
    • Can't connect, get a funky message
    • Chests will return the item you drop in them to me
    • Get kicked off every one or two minutes, with, again, a funky message
    I would like you all to know these so you all don't go like O MAI GOSH SERVAS HAVIN PROBLMS FIX FIX FIX PLOX

    Thank you for your time
    EDIT: These are my problems some of you might not have these
  2. Edddixon and myself are having the same exact problems. Very frustrating!
  3. I have those problems too
  4. Sounds to me like a few ppl updated there minecraft to 1.4.6!!! might be worth checking

    another thing to check is any mod's that you may have. I use Rei's minimap and when it was not up to date I could not get on the server.

    The server is running 1.4.5 at the moment and has updated yet.
  5. The server is running 1.4.4* 1.4.5 was only a single player update
  6. hmmm not sure but the point is if you have a mod installed that is not compatible with the server then you will not be able to get on.
  7. I have no problems just never bothered to update.
  8. nor me, I always wait for the servers to update before I do anything.
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  9. I didn't update to 1.4.5, I couldn't be bothered to update my mods xD
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  10. I see what your doing, you just want to get in the last word :DDD
  11. Of course not :rolleyes:

    EDIT: Not like im the highest spamming member!
  12. This server runs 1.4.5, as that was a server update, not a required client update though, because 1.4.4 clients can log in to 1.4.5 servers. However, it is recommended you upgrade 1.4.5 because they fix some .4 client issues.