Airsoft Team Name (Win 5k)

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  1. Hey empire, me and my friend have been trying to come up with a name for our airsoft team, if you guys can help it would be awesome, thanks empire!

    The person with the best name (the name selected for the airsoft team name) will win 5000 Rupees!

    You are allowed to make multiple suggestions
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  2. spiney spaniard spiders shooting shots seditiously, squaring saps and sparring scrubs.
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  3. lol, thanks but sounds more like a tongue twister =P
  4. yeah but think about them saying it over a loudspeaker at liek tourneyments and stuff
  5. Here are a few:

    "Squad [Enter any number or letter of your choosing here]"
    "Air team [Enter number of how many people that are in your team here]"
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  6. woah, i like those names alot, thanks jtc
  7. still looking for names guys, thanks for the suggestions so far
  8. i still need some awesome names guys!
  9. How about Stingers.

    Because those things hurt like 7 hells when they hit bare flesh lmao.
  10. lol, ill talk to Josh about these names next time i see him (the co-founder of the team)

    thanks for these names guys, keep up the good work!!!
  11. edited first post, be sure to read it again
  12. Air Cult of Pain
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  13. noted, thanks rein

    edited 1st post basicly saying you can make multiple suggestions
  14. i still need some more names guys! 5k is at stake!
  15. if a staff member could please change to title to:

    Airsoft Team Name (Win 5k!)

  16. Something with Apollo, cause he's the Greek god of archery.

    Example: Sons of Apollo
  17. yea, i was thinking about doing somthing greek/roman, thanks blackknight
  18. Abolishing Sleevery, and your uniforms don't have sleeves. :D
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  19. lol, thanks ark, im pretty sure that would hurt, alot, but thanks lol
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