airship im working on

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  1. heres a work in progress airship im building out in my wilderness base on:
    any ideas/advice/help is appreciated
  2. Hey look im there :D!
  3. You should put some horizontal logs on the bottom! Looks great though!
  4. ill post updates as i complete them, deforested this whole area tho so gotta grow my own trees now lol
  5. Excellent, though initially before seeing it, I was assuming it to be a Zeppelin type rather than fully rigged :oops:
  6. it will be a zepplin type (atleast i think i know what that means lol) i just dont have enough glass yet to construct the two pontoons (i think that is what they are called) at the correct dimensions
  7. That looks so cool!!!
    Be careful about griefers though

    Looks good though :)
  8. 2013-02-11_16.21.56.png 2013-02-11_16.20.45.png
    some updates, been a bit sidetracked (minecraft lolz) but i finished the top deck
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  9. I built an airship in creative once, but was never pleased with the results. Yours is definitely looking better.

  10. yeah, i just need to figure out the dimensions and build a scaffolding of where i want the pontoons side.jpg