Aikar's Break: Diablo 3

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Aikar, Aug 8, 2014.

  1. I'll be right there..
  2. I saw that, looks pretty cool. Makes me want to reinstall mine lol
  3. I fixed my stream so that the video and audio doesnt suck - Open Broadcaster Studio now has linux support!

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  4. Mandatory Fun Night
  5. Well, since today is my brothers last full day with us, and we don't ever get to play games much together, i'ma play with him some more today! So Streaming D3 again :)

    Come watch us defeat the boss!
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  6. what channel, i cannot seem to find it
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  7. I rather play Path of Exile since it's free...
  8. It's in my original post :)

    Were level 50/51 now, killed Diablo!
  9. When i went to AikarAdora on twitch on mobile and on the site on my PC, it said you were offline. I tried to watch when you first posted that you were streaming today and when you said you were at Diablo
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  10. Ok we've eaten and we're back streaming now. Xenmas (my brother) and I are trying to get to L60 tonight :D We'll have some boss battles soon!
  11. stil says you are offline and i used your link :/
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  12. Dojodo is running us through Rifts in Torment mode! Watch for some slaughter
  13. Re installing now, hopefully I can join
  14. Dojo almost has us to level 70!
  15. Same. I couldn't see you at all.