Aikar the mighty and great!

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good idea?

yes very good 4 vote(s) 19.0%
ehh waste of time 14 vote(s) 66.7%
in the middle 3 vote(s) 14.3%
want something diffrent plz put in comments 0 vote(s) 0.0%
  1. what if someone (me) made a great statue of Aikar either pvp'ing a very well known minecraft player such as (SSundee Notch Stampy DeadloxMC Dinnerbone SkythekidRS Jeb_) or slaying a zombie
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  2. Those are all pretty horrible PvPers. Sorry, just thruth.
  3. have you seen SSundee's faction?
  4. He didnt say 'PvPer', he said player. Do stampy!
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  5. -->
    Yup they run around either piling 5 people onto one person (that's not "good", that's noob. It takes 5 of them to kill one player lmao) and even then SSundee has died on multiple occasions to good players even when he had 5 people to back him up, pretty horrible.

    None of them know how to strafe or anything, they rely on their donator kits and youtube ranks to kill people by walking straight and clicking, which again is horrible.
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  6. Antvenom
  7. I'n Benja we trust in bacca we must. (Bajancanadian or asfjerome)
  8. He's the least worst, but compared to people on pvp servers he's still bad..
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  9. I would love to prove you wrong, but this is so true omfg.
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  10. ok i know all of them are horrible but just as sword blocking or something like that
  11. lol if I had the opportunity I and probably many others like tedrocker could easily win a 5 v 1 from the youtubers.. Sort of sums up how bad they are compared to people that actually play pvp.
  12. Given that this is a non-PVP server (with the exception of the Arena itself) this would not only be in poor taste, but way out of place for EMC altogether. Now if this were a PVP or Factions server, then the discussion would at least be worth having, but as it stands? The entire debate is pointless.
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  13. Completely off topic, but a lil rant.

    Then we have SkyTheKidRS who isn't famous for any good reason and can barely play the game to begin with..
  14. Hey! He can... Install and showplace mods like a god! lol
  15. Please, he fails most 3 block easy jumps in his videos..
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  16. I don't really watch YouTube much. However I do think a stature of Aikar slaying a zombie, creeper, skele, or a montemus would be pretty cool... Not sure if the montemus would work due to their enormous size, but just maybe.
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  17. we can all agree sky sucks at pvp
  18. also not to mention Aikar would have his Minecon 2013 cape
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  19. Fixed that little typo for you :)
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