Aikar and AFK: How to have fun.

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by Ahzeriel, Feb 1, 2013.

  1. Just a couple of pictures from our Endertopia fun with our new admin! Jack has a couple group ones that he is gonna share =D EDIT: I can't get one of him in the box ;-;
  2. Yes, it was the pig. :)
  3. Ahahahahha I see me in the corner >_>.
  4. Lol I'm in the box with him right now
  5. Lookie its me!
  6. The pigs blessing to our new Admin. One of our phrases for this party: " Aikar is really Enchanting, we know why Max chose him."
  7. Just spawned 40 cows into the little cage we put Aikar in!
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  9. I put roses on his grave to celebrate the trololol. :p
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  10. Someone broke under aikar and now the troll is up....:(
  11. (X-treme Sarcasm) Aikar Aikar Aikar. You should have known messing with economy would cause this to happen(X-treme Sarcasm Over)