Aikar and AFK: How to have fun.

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  1. Just a couple of pictures from our Endertopia fun with our new admin! Best Minecraft ServersBest Minecraft Servers Jack has a couple group ones that he is gonna share =D EDIT: I can't get one of him in the box ;-;
  2. Yes, it was the pig. :)
  3. Ahahahahha I see me in the corner >_>.
  4. Lol I'm in the box with him right now
  5. Lookie its me!
  6. Best Minecraft Servers The pigs blessing to our new Admin. One of our phrases for this party: " Aikar is really Enchanting, we know why Max chose him."
  7. Just spawned 40 cows into the little cage we put Aikar in!
  8. Best Minecraft Servers
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  9. I put roses on his grave to celebrate the trololol. :p
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  11. Someone broke under aikar and now the troll is up....:(
  12. (X-treme Sarcasm) Aikar Aikar Aikar. You should have known messing with economy would cause this to happen(X-treme Sarcasm Over)