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Do you think you would you use a newbie flag on your res or event?

Yes 4 vote(s) 19.0%
No 19 vote(s) 90.5%
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Hello all.

    Some situations have come up that could be dealt with by having some flags implemented.

    The two main situations are

    Event for new players only
    Shopkeeper wanting to trade with new players only to give them

    Both of these can be done by setting a res flag that checks for newbie status. Newbie status would be set immediately for new players and would be set to untrue after 72 hours logged in or 2 months since first login. This to be decided/polled whatever.

    The idea could also be extended to old timers (perhaps giving them a new colour or a symbol for their name whether or not they are supporters). The current 1000days+ ppl should be recognized for contributing to EMC's longevity, even if they have never been supporters.

    A supporter flag could also be created for only allowing supporters to enter a res (event/shopkeepers, etc).

    I know it's more work of course and may not be needed that much, I just saw these two cases this week and thought of a way to handle them.
  2. Firstly - is the 1000+ day a flag? or is that a suggestion for a symbol/name change individually?

    Secondly, may I ask how specifying allowing/disallowing new players from old members | regular players from supporters from doing things on your res would benefit?

    Moreover, what are you wanting to be implemented exactly (use wise) ... for the flags...
    You wanting move flag more in depth...
    All perms in general...
    Or what?

    I might could see only certain groups of people being allowed in certain areas of your res if you're really wanting to be pro-bono or regulate certain areas for people that pay only .... but that might make things become more stickler than it needs to be...
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  3. Exactly the two situations shown which just need move but could be extended to all flags though I can't think of any other flags you might want to modify with this.

    So /res pset newbie move T
    This would override /res set move F

    So a newbie could come to a res holding an event only for newbies giving them more chance. Eg, a drop party where you might be wanting to ensure only new people that have next to nothing have a chance to get some decent gear rather than established players adding a 20th beacon to their list or shopkeepers trying to stock their shelves.

    Of course this is open to abuse if an established player brings a new alt on but how many would create a new account just for an event?
  4. This seems ok, but you might just have to /p everyone at your event.
    What doesn't seem ok is the reverse: /res pset newbie move f.
  5. I agree with fishmeal. It wouldn't be fair to block new players from your res.
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  6. Can you be specific? I do not completely understand what your suggestion is.

    Secondly, without understanding I am still voting no. Everybody should be treated equally.
  7. OK, say I have a 50 million rupees and want to be a generous shopkeeper providing new players a half-price shop.

    Or I want to run a drop party for new players.

    The second I can do by inviting specific ppl but that is time-consuming and would miss a lot.

    But providing a shop for new players or a pvp zone for new players or an event for new players, how do I do it?

    A res move flag for a specific age of person is the way to go.

    I dont actually need the flag myself but I saw two instances in the last week where this would have actually caused less aggro than other "ban players x,y and z" from my drop/shop/event.

    I see it being used by staff more than players to help promote EMC as a friendly place with lots to do. They could create an event or shop just for new players.

    I've seen this in other games before, I know it can be done, I'm just asking is it worth the effort to set up.

    As for the treated equally issue, no such thing. Supporters get different levels of rupee bonuses etc. Equality only works in a truly utopian communist society (that could only be created by pre-programmed robots).

    If I invite only players under 50 days old then that is my choice. For staff run events you may have some argument but the argument seems to be more about an individual missing out on getting more phat lewt than improving EMC overall.

    Sorry but I dont see equality as an argument.

    Going to fishmeal's 1st point, this is the whole reason for a flag and variable (should have made that clearer before). You dont need to /p, it is automatic. A new player has their variable for Newbie set to True. When they reach a certain age it is set to false. If this can't be added then a programmed test would have to exist but this could put more load on the servers than a preset variable. The "losing" of newbie status could also be an achievement and that could be the variable used, does player x have achievement "Regular, Veteran or Old-Timer". Sort of like the rankings forums use.

    I'm 90 days old and within the first week on EMC I probably played 100+ hours so it probably wouldnt have ever helped me. I'm suggesting a solution to a couple of problems I have noticed recently.

    I agree with banning newbies being a bad idea. I was mostly about banning older players from something designed to give new players another reason to stay and enjoy EMC. However now that it is mentioned I do think I would prefer to allow supporters or old-timers only on to my res, especially while in a crazy digging or building phase. If I drop a beacon while moving stuff, a new player is likely to be tempted. The outcome is either they get banned for stealing or I lose my beacon if I dont notice. As it stands, to be safe I have to block everyone.

    Some good points here, not atcually sure I think it would solve problems or create more.
  8. You are also sort of assuming that 'days since joined' has anything to do with noobishness. There are so many alts, and therre's people like me who were competing with years-old members for total playtime after only weeks. We've even had a one month old staff member.
    The only useful purpose of this I see is, like you said, newbie-only events and shops. A shop that only targets new players offers a lot of potential for unaccountable scamming/unreasonable prices that can't be seen by honest, established players. I'd say that leaves events, which you could probably just monitor and report people who take advantage of you.