After Every After - Disney Parodies

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  1. Before I begin: Some of these songs may or may not have offensive material that can offend you. If you get offended easily, this is not for you. This is just for comedy purposes. Mature content may be included.
    Without further ado, I present to you a person I just found a while ago.

    After Every After - 1

    Every Every After - 2

    Note: I did not make this, obviously. Since it is not my original work, I did not place it in the Jukebox forum section.
    If you offended by this, please report this and have the mods take it down.
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  2. My roommate showed me this a couple weeks ago. Adios childhood.

    Also, that guy is an amazing singer.
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  3. The amount of skill that is required to do 4 separate recording and combine them to make 1 is astonishing.
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  4. Also, he has an astounding vocal range, he can hit both high and low notes. He's just all around very talented.
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