Afk selfie challenge ( yes basically I'm copying)

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by ChespinLover77, Jan 10, 2015.

  1. Rules are simple:
    I will be paying ANYONE 100r
    If they get a picture of me while I'm AFK

    You and I must be in the picture
    Or else I do not owe you 100r

    And I MUST be afk
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  2. Shouldn't the money for this be going to the hotel you need donations for?
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  3. Well I'm not needing money atm
    I'm currently looking for donations of
    Gold and diamond blocks
  4. Which you could buy using money.
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  5. Chespin probably doesn't have much money to buy a lot of gold and diamond blocks.
  6. However, she has enough for this.
  7. I could if I had a ton of money XD
    That is correct
  8. I believe the point others are trying to make is that you're asking for donations then spending the money elsewhere. It seems like a lousy thing to do, IMO. Or, if you're not accepting rupee donations then spend your money on stuff you need donations for. There's no such thing as "not enough rupees for X but for Y" when dealing in items. There's always money to buy diamonds and gold. Basically, it's a waste of donations that people worked hard to earn and give you and they expected them to go to the hotel you're building.
  9. O ok I see your point now.

    Hmm ok I will continue this challenge after the hotel is officially open

    I am now accepting ruppe donations
  10. Back in action :)