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So what sword did Billy use on Adventure Time?

Smite 1 vote(s) 14.3%
Sharpness 6 vote(s) 85.7%
  1. Has anyone watched the show Adventure Time? My son and I were watching and we saw the episode that introduced Billy. They spotted his sword.

    So I want to make and sell the Sword of Billy....but....what to put on his sword?

    Billy ends up undead in a later episode. But he was a hero in life. And his sword was epic. So I will make it a god sword with everything including sweeping edge and looting...etc. But the question is weather to make it Smite or Sharpness.

    What's your opinion?

    Also, the name could be 'Sword of Billy' but his actual name for the sword was 'Nothung'. So a little help with an opinion on that would be good too.

    Aaadventure Time!


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  2. Nothung for sure. And I would do sharpness :)

    It has a sharp steel blade with symbols in the base. The oval-shaped cross-guard is golden with a turquoise jewel. The grip is covered by a leather strip and the pommel has a little skull with a red line that swirls on its forehead. Billy has the ability to call it by shouting its name.
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  3. Oh course sharpness ignore that one smite vote it’s late and I meant sharpess
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  4. Sword is crafted and I'll make more. I'll open the shop sign after I decide on price. Thanks for the help!

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