Advice needed - greifing and being AFK

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  1. Hi. On this thread I will be asking two questions: how far out before you are fairly safe from griefers and what are the best times to AFK without being kicked. I need these questions answered as I plan on setting up a private farm in the near future.

    How far out out before you're fairly griefer safe?
    I need to know this as I don't want to have to keep re-building it every single time I log on. I know you are never completely safe and that professional or target griefers will always try and get to you, but how far before the other griefers leave you alone?

    When can I safely AFK without being kicked?
    Just last night I AFKed for 2 hours to be kicked and loose all my resources. If you could give me a two-hour time period of day IN BST I would be very grateful.
  2. 3-5 am EMC time has very few people on... ofc, you are never completely safe from AFK kicks. Might have to convert those to BST though.
  3. Thanks, I believe that is about 8-10 am BST.
  4. This is tricky one to answer because it depends on your individual circumstances. General rule of thumb in my experience is more than 15,000 blocks away from frontier spawn (the more the better). However, mode of transportation needs to be accounted for - would they have to walk/boat for an hour to get there or can they get to the base within 10 minutes on a nether track? The latter stands the higher risk of getting hit with griefing simply because it's easier to get to versus the base that they have to walk an hour to get to.

    There's a host of other circumstances to account for, but my brain isn't thinking of them at 5:25 in the morning. I'll edit this post if I think of anymore.

    In my experience, between 10am-1pm BST (3-6am EMC TIme) will be the best chance, although it still varies from server to server - some could be more clustered than others on certain nights.
  5. If you get kicked and loose your ressources you ain't afking the right way.
  6. I was using a public farm, so when I got kicked, my turn was over and someone else came and took my resources.
  7. I get it now, that sucks. I don't have that problem since I don't use public farms. I only use my own.