[ADVICE NEEDED] Good Computers?

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  1. Hi

    My brother got an old computer (Im only talking about the tower) just as a gift from my parents. He got Windows 7 but the box is about 10 years old making it slow and its prone to breaking. It keeps giving errors and Windows 7 is still within its 30 day return period (Something for me on Monday) so what would you say is a good computer too buy? It has to be cheap but good :) (And in Pounds/UK)

    One someone said:

    - AMD A4 3300 2.5GHz
    - 4GB RAM + 320 GB HDD
    - DVD Writer
    - AMD Radeon HD 6410D
    Windows 7

    Im not good with those things, can you help me?
  2. Build you're own. Cheaper just buying the parts then buying a brand name if you have experience.
  3. I'm a busy person. That and I dont know how
  4. It all really depends on what you want to do. Is minecraft all that you'll be running?

    EDIT: Could you also define "cheap"
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  5. if you want a "good" computer you need more $$

    If you want a "decent" one you can check "nearly" all computers, most computers today (newer ones) are fairly good, but it still depends on what you are gonna use it for.

    My laptop is really crappy but I can still run minecraft with 40-60FPS which is good enough.
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  6. My new laptop was cheap. It was £342 and runs Minecraft at 100FPS with render distance normal and graphics fancy.
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  7. Acer aspire's or dell inspirons are probably going to be youre best bet. I dont know if dell inspirons can be purchased with pounds.
  8. Im
    I am pretty sure you can buy almost anything with pounds (even if its converted!)
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  9. Everything can be purchased with pounds - after all, it is one of the best currencies in the world.
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  10. please dont start a US VS. Europe flame war
  11. Lolwut? No, I wasn't trying to do that. Plus a flame war over which country is better is racist.

    Pounds are very easy to convert into dollars. The UK is quite a rich country, like the USA, so computer companies have every reason to make their products available to the pound and its people.

    Nfell, my computer is a HP pavilion g6. It's £342 from sites like amazon and runs Minecraft at 100FPS on render distance normal and with the graphics on fancy - the only bad thing about it is that it runs Windows 8...which is a very troublesome OS all the time.
    Me: I want to put my mouse in a corner of a screen.
    Windows 8: Oh, allow me to make a menu slide out and take up 70% of your screen.
    Me: I want to burn in fudgecakes of fire - it's a less painful experience than you, windows 8.
  12. By 'cheap' not over the top like £500, just something £150-£200 and he has a monitor btw
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  13. Can someone tell me also if in the OP if that computer is good?
  14. Would you like an old copy of Windows 1995 instead?
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  15. Windows 1995 is too old... Give him Windows ME
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  16. Or lets drop windows and go all old, with just command prompt! Because Windows was the first keyboard and mouse OS
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  17. I suggest you build your own, manufacturers will give you a low-grade hardware.

    Nfell if your in a budget and want everything bundled I can't give you a good PC, you can buy a laptop since you're asking for a bundled monitor but with the 150-200 pound price range you can't get anything really good.

    The brands I suggest for a laptop: Asus or HP.
  18. I cant build my own I dont know how :(. And it has to be Desktop PC.
  19. It's decent, not great.