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  1. I think there should be an advert pole at the town spawn where people can put up messages about shops and other market-related things.This way owners of shops,trade centers and unwanted item swappers (including me) wouldn't have to advertise in chat.
  2. i like it, but its not really worth it.. most people wouldnt look at the pole. chat seems like a much better way to advertise.
  3. I thought I saw this suggestion before...
  4. This used to exist, it was removed with the addition of multiple servers.
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  5. The good 'ole days...
  6. It's sounding like a good idea, but wouldn't putting up messages be putting up a sign on the pole, and wouldn't putting up a sign result in needing a build flag? Well, if everyone had a build flag at the town spawn, they'd want to take and steal things from there. So, it may result in the town spawn getting trashed and griefed. That's something that may happen with the advert pole.
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  7. Advertising shops in the chat is easy, most of the time people will come. But that is a very good idea though, a place where you can advertise your shop. The server I play on, smp1, has an Information Center that gives you res numbers of all different kinds of stuff. That res is 1010. But still, that is a good idea.
  8. they were placed by staff originally.
  9. Aikar can program things you know that right? No one needs build to have a sign placed :O
  10. I like it is is a good idea.