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  1. After suffering from too many OCD-like moments and looking over the forums, I have decided to start this thread where we can help one another build professional-looking structures. Although, I don't expect anybody to go from a 'noob' builder to a professional within a month. It takes practice to master, but if you surf the internet cleverly you might be able to learn beginning with the basics and then climbing forward.
    If you have seen my mob farms on SMP5, I have used various concepts from some Minecraft dedicated YouTube channels to achieve their impression.
    Here are the links to those channels if you're interested.:)

    Hopefully by the spread of this thread, there will be lower amount of effortless builds in the towns. I mean would you rather have the towns kept in their present look or filled with realistic houses and other structures?
  2. Thanks for this, Keralis is really good and I watch him sometimes. If you look at my old thread "My Modern House :)" he inspired me for most of those builds :)
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  3. I love watching Bdubs and Keralis :)... The Inspiration series with them is really good to get building/decoration ideas... I also use this mineconics site a lot whenever i wanna make a design with circles in it, can do lines/ellipses/squares/rectangles also:
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  4. Others care about building here too...... I love you all.... now lets make sure that 50% of all residences aer no longer a square plank hut with 3 oak trees around it
  5. I try building nice things, 14006, 14008, and came to the conclusion my mind just can't build well :p back to square huts
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  6. I've started a 4-residence "modular building" neighborhood based somewhat off of the Modular Building Lego sets, but progress is slooow... all I've designed so far in creative is the "Grand Emporium" ... any feedback on things to improve?

    maybe more pics soon
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  7. Your right
    #Spruce Trees
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  8. Wow.. that looks really cool!
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  9. #darkoak #1.7bound
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