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Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by Gadget_AD, Sep 8, 2014.

  1. Hey,

    I'm here to ask you guys do you know any programs that will block ad's.

    Lately I've had so many ad's everywhere and anything i click on it brings up an ad first, anyone got any ideas for a program i could download to block these ad's so i don't see them?

    Thanks! Gadget :)
  2. Google adblock. Chances are there's something out on the whole wide internet that can help you. :p
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  3. Just don't go to sites that bring up ads any more, with the exception of mediafire, because many people use it.
  4. Adblock, Adblock plus
    I actually have them both installed...
    Also, it sounds like you might have a virus, because if EVERYTHING you click on brings up an ad first...
    das not gud
  5. The ads are on EVERY site :/ Even here some words in peoples posts are underlined and in red for behind is an ad :/ There everywhere help xD
    are you using chrome?
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  7. I'm afraid adblock won't solve that one... This could be a really hard to remove virus, but could also be just a chrome plugin you accidentally installed. Check all your chrome plugins and de-check and remove (after writing down the name) every one you don't know what it is. When Chrome seems to be clean, just get the virus of your computer.
  8. Ok thanks guys! I think i've got it all fixed now :)

    Removed some Plugins that I've never heard of and deleted some things that looked a bit dodgy and deleted some Trojans off my Anti-Virus so all's good now :)

    Once again thanks for everyone's advice! :D
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