Adron Vs The End

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  1. Welcome to the Adron Channel.

    At first I started this just to record my first Ender Dragon fight, I decided to expand and show you guys some more so I hope you enjoy.


    My first video and first Ender Dragon fight.
    Haven't started talking or editing vids yet but you can enjoy some great noobish moments and glipse my single player base.

    My second video.
    A basic tour of my single player base.

    My First Empire Video!
    A tour of my most recent empire base on smp7, hope you enjoy.
  2. Awesome Man!
  3. Updated, Now The Adron Channel, Second video added today.
  4. Nice work! I will be sure to check out future ones. It will be great to see more active EMC youtubers! PM me if you get stuck on anything and give a try recording your voice. Worst case, you can just ditch the voice track and play music or something. Very impressed with the complexity of your base/rail system.
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  5. A third video now added, and it is the first Empire video.
  6. This channel sounds good, checking it out ASAP!