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  1. So I recently updated Adobe flash.
    Let me tell everyone;
    I just updated it yesterday, and apparently Adobe decided "oh, lets put viruses on peoples PCs and install mcafee without the user's permission!"
    The highlighted selections below are viruses that resulted both indirectly (Mcafee) and directly (Flash itself) from my updating flash.
    Has this happened to anyone else, or is it just me? And yes, I did get it from the website and not some random ADfly redirect from Reddit.

  2. Here comes the bump truck
    (Sorry for the bump, but it seems noone saw this and it seems kind of important. Especially since these viruses showed up my computer has been overheating and emergency shutting down a lot. 3 times today it happened.)
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  3. iT sounds like you got fooled by that one virus ad site that i've seen before.

    It pops up a page saying to update flash, and looks legit... but of course its not actually a real flash.

    Real flash would def not do this, and that is not the real mcafee. I would re-run your anti virus in a boot scan mode, and run malware bytes too.
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  4. Alright. Thanks, Aikar.
    By the way, my dad updated it, not me. So
    im not an idiot
  5. Also, gotta ask you something, will Malwarebytes interfere with avast?
  6. Shouldn't.

    Malware Bytes in general targets Spyware rather than full on virus's, but wouldn't hurt to run both. I haven't used windows in many many years so I'm out of the loop on whats the best today, but I just encourage people to use Avast, but so many people recommend Malware Bytes.
  7. Okay, thanks alot Aikar :D
  8. Lots of malware try to disguise themselves as windows in the browser. For some, this can be confusing. If you are on windows 8, run your browser in metro mode. If you see any desktop windows here, it is a virus. Chrome has a great metro mode if you don't like ie. Easy fix that can possibly save you a ton of trouble.
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  9. Im keeping the new signature by the way.
    It'll be a funny story. xD

  10. I say again
    Avast! is balls compared to this. I'm only keeping it so I can have some form of active protection.
  11. I just went and reviewed our ads and disabled some bad looking ones to ensure none of the bad stuff is coming from EMC.
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  12. Huh? I thought this happened to me :p I actually remember updating flash legit and it installing McAfee. Hm...
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