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  1. i really need help from an admin but none will respond!
  2. They have outside lives. Not everyone plays minecraft 24/7.
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  3. None of them are online at the moment.
  4. :O is that possible
  5. what could I ask you need an administrator for? No obligation to answer here, you can always answer in a PM or something.
  6. i want to try and appeal a 6 day ban i didnt deserve
  7. for useing the word "wench"
  8. :eek: I AM OFFENDED!!! jk.
  9. and i said it to a good friend how didnt care what so ever i have witness's!
  10. Not defending him or anything like that, I am just saying that iSMOOCH did ask why he wanted an admin. He was only asking at first why no admins were responding to him, not trying to appeal. so get really really mad at iSMOOCH and yell at him a lot. JK
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  11. exactly and i did try and pm but no admin is on currently
  12. Regardless, I would try what Secret said. The Admins are already busy enough.
  13. ill just wait for 5 more days
    Haha, I didn't see his post, sorry about that.
  15. You can go 5 days without EMC?! :eek:
  16. They are an interesting species. I hear they practice a technique called 'restraint'.
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  17. its a 6 day ban
  18. Res..traint? Sorry, I have never heard of that word before :confused: Is it anything like Hadouken?
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  19. is it some sorta elusive creature ?
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