Admin Ender Death Battle!

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  1. Hey guys! It's time for another Super Mega Death Battle! This time we bring you to a hostile island in the END on SMP4! To get there, take our temporary portal setup in town spawn on SMP4!

    Some things to keep in mind:

    • This event, while super fun, will likely result in your death...a lot. Don't bring anything or have anything on you you're NOT willing to lose. If you don't escape with it, you don't get it back.
    • Endermen will be here by default. It might be wise to have a pumpkin helmet, if you choose. to avoid their death stares.
    • There will be valuable mobs here, such as withers...which will drop wither stars!
    • There is only ONE exit from the island...via a hard to get to nether portal which will take you right outside the nether spawn building.

    This event will start in roughly 10 minutes from this post!
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  2. You just LOVE calling stuff Super Mega Death :p!!!
    I approve, i'll join :)
  3. Awesome! I'll join it!
  4. I am coming!
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  5. O.O
    dying alot...
  6. Whoa! Sounds easy. (sarcasm).
  7. man, wish I could come :(
  8. *Says powerful mobs like withers* *Doesnt Mention the Ender Dragon*
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  9. I fell twice. I surrender.
  10. Woot, got my nether star! :D:D:D:D:D
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  11. ^
    And after the 2 rounds... I made myself 20k :p
  12. Aikar doesn't want to ruin the economy of nether stars. He turned drops off.
    That was fun. Didn't get a nether star though. :(
  13. YES! I had 13 nether stars, was on the bedrock bridge, got to the portal dip, and they were destroyed -_- Lost all the stars D:
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  14. Same thing happen to me...
    I got a quick star and wanted to be safe so I went back to the exit only to find the portal was gone... I got hit off while standing there clueless and I half rage quit half just had to go.
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  15. Uh, maybe I got your stars? I found 13 near the portal! I must be the luckiest of all!
  16. Can I have 1 ;)
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  17. Why does this always happen in the middle of the night for me??? Sooooo Unfair...
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