Adding indicator to show how long our post is?

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  1. I'll keep this short (promise!).

    A post cannot be longer than 10000 characters or so. And I'm the nutcase who sporadically manages to go over that limit. The problem is: once you got the notification it becomes extremely hard to figure out how long your post actually is.

    So I was wondering if it would be possible to have some kind of indicator to show if we're going over the limit.

    And trust me: I realize like no other that this is most likely a moot point because.. fortunately for EMC there aren't that much nut cased writers around ;)
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  2. I went over that limit writing the Empire Prices can imagine how far my heart dropped when I saw the error after a few hours of work.
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  3. Fixed that and I agree 10000% <-- see what I did there?

  4. Me trying to edit.
  5. I would either cry or be like, "I will do it tomorrow: DELETE."
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  6. Spent 3 hours writing the thread, I was finishing it tonight or passing out trying lol.
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  7. I'd like to add a small point to my previous comment: an indicator could actually also help us to shorten our posts. I can write within limits, as long as I know what my limits are.

    And thanks for the comments guys!
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  8. Dude... this thread is about you not being able to write within limits... dude...
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  9. I would have loved an indicator, I had to find out after I tried to post my thread that I was over the limit, had to go back and delete some things to make the thread fit.
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  10. More like, "I have no idea what my limits are! Someone post them conveniently under my walls of text? :)"

    I've hit those points a few times as well, though mostly through ridiculous multi-quoting or in trying to post stories I've written. Since our Status boxes already have them, I don't think it would be that much of a stretch for Xenforo to accommodate this suggestion - but on the other paw, I do keep hearing how our version is some Frankenstein beast jury-rigged into functionality by its original owner... :rolleyes: