Adding Emerald Membership???

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Di you think ICC should add a Emerald membership??

Poll closed Oct 15, 2012.
Yes 12 vote(s) 27.3%
No 32 vote(s) 72.7%
  1. I've wondering, will ICC will decide to add Emerald Memberships? I imagine, that he will eventally, the question is when. If he adds a Emerald membership, I bet you everyones going to want to upgrade right away!

    If I had any input, the new membership would have the following:

    -6 reses (for those who are regulars)
    -Teal name
    -and all of the diamond advantages

  2. and it costs 30$. plus you get a daily bonus of 2k :eek:
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  3. I personally don't think he will. Too many colors can confuse the community. And 6 residences is less than two diamond accounts so we'd have the same problem as when gold was 2 and diamond was 3...people would get two diamond accounts instead...

    Diamond supporter status adds use of tnt so you would have to add something extra special for emerald if it existed...

    However, new ideas put forth by the community is the reason why EMC has continued to grow and improve. Not all ideas are used, but can be worthwhile as a 'spark' to Aikar's and Icc's creative minds....who knows where this spark could lead...
  4. 2 words, Just no.
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  5. This has been stated many times, and it may be implemented in the future. Many may hope, and many may wait, but we never know :)
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  6. There already has been a suggestion like this, use the search bar first :)
    Wait, I thought you left?
  7. I don't see this happening. Why have 6 reses when you can claim two residence on utopia as a diamond supporter?
    What does this Teal name mean?
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  8. Glad to see I'm wanted.
  9. I personnally think it would be more appealing for 3 reses and a 1k bonus for $15 a month
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  10. There is a reason I am a gold supporter and not diamond.

    I simply see no reason to drop $20 a month into a server network like this, nomatter what perks may be given me. $10 is enough. Maybe if I made 6 figures income I might, but then there is the one-time donation option for people who feel really generous, and it allows you to drop in huge sums at once.

    And 6 residences? are you nuts? there is a very limited number of residences on the servers, and this will just make the situation worse. I already think diamond has one too many.

    Also, anyone posting their opinion on this that isn't already a supporter... Put your money where your mouth is, pony up the cash before you ask for more options to pay. :)
  11. Is a alt of YOU12MAEC or his brother i blocked YOU12MAEC on skype for not answering a simple q
  12. I don't know, I think QuarterShop is an alt.
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  13. I highly doubt it, and I believe this idea has been debunked or whatever before. Besides, if they add emerald membership, then the above image would be moot, wouldn't it?
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  14. Believe it or not, Ive been a Gold supporters for a while, I just have to renew my subscription! :)[/quote]
  15. How about instead of just writing "No" you elaborate and explain your distaste with the idea.
  16. I suspect you meant to quote this?
  17. Ah poo.... Yeah. Whatever.
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  18. What would happen to shaun's mc name?
  19. It would still be shaunwhite1982... xD